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    Autoanswer for me: it runs as Extender!. Absolutely breathtaking, my fellow! Thank you, thank you. It begins a new era. Next step: edge computing for hosted rendering and 5G.

    Did you configured the AC1750 as extender/repeater or as hotspot? Thanks in advance. I've tryed out all the day as hotspot withour any sucess

    It's not yet officially possible to export Depth channels for panoramas, but that is on our agenda as a feature request, same goes for the ability to export multiple panoramas at once, which has not been implemented yet with 2.7. I'm adding your feedback and upvote to both topics though!

    Thanks, Demian. Yesterday officially all of my node based 360 VR Tours AWS hosted went ruined for Oculus Quest / Go vieweing: last update of Firefox Reality doesn't play Tours made with 1.19 release of krpano, at least without rewritting the xml files. Oculus browser didn't play them from time ago, and Firefox Reality was the last bullet, so I'm thinking how to release new Tours for VR playing. Panotour Pro finally is not the tool. By now krpanotools and some tricking in the xml code does the job.

    One of the most awesome features of the 1.20 krpano release is the using of depthmaps:

    Oh, well, when rendering images we have the option of export Depth channel, but would be nice having this option when exporting panoramas and stereo panoramas.

    By now this could be done using some dynamo coding and batch rendering cubemaps (six cameras of every point). (would be breathtaking to access Enscape API from Dynamo scripts!).

    I don't know if it is possible in 2.7 release to batch render panoramas.

    Thanks in advance.

    When viewing from a birds eye view, orbiting with a mouse is easy: RMB. But trying to do with a Spacemouse it's impossible. It's preserved the mapping of the walkmode. It would be nice to have the option of "object mode" (as Revit has in the Spacemouse button in the Navigation bar)

    I see... What I was wondering is to create some kind of collision meshes also to avoid the customers continues walking upstairs to nowhere, at least to a floor I don't want. This kind of elements, collision boxes and collision meshes are typical when designing player navigation on render engines and would be nice to have something similar of a unused Revit category. The fact is that Autodesk would allow to create "User Categories" instead of tons of subcategories.

    I feel quite moron asking this, I've try to look for this question in the forum but I haven't find any answer.

    When walking upstairs or downstairs the pawn (word UE4 style) rebounds on every step shakking the view. In UE4 I solve this putting a sloped collision mesh, but in Enscape I don't know how to mimic this behaviour, really I don't know if it is possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just what I was looking for today: render 44 panoramas unattended. Love methods you wrote.

    Hello everyone,

    I am considering purchasing an oculus quest and using the new Oculus link cable to use it with enscape. However, before I purchase the quest, I was hoping you could give me some feedback on your experience using Oculus Link with enscape. Have you had a positive experience using the Oculus Link with Enscape? Does the quest controller work with enscape? What are your overall thoughts? Thank you very much.:thumbsup:

    Hi, Stephen, take a look at this thread:

    Oculus Quest with Link Support=

    I used a RTX 2080Ti.

    Just rendered 44 panoramas this afternoon. Would be a nice upgrade to include the option of render a panorama of all favorited scenes as batch process, as also to mass download them from the panoramas tab from the Manage Upload console, including a named basis option.

    Santiago_Rivera Amazing to hear your experience!

    Would you say the Quest Link method has significance advantage to Rift S?

    Because that is still quite portable, but no variable with the cable issue.

    Thank you!

    The question floats inmediately in my opinion and it 's really true that if you have a Rift S it hasn't any sense to connect a Quest with Oculus Link. But for people as me who has a Rift CV1 a Vive and a Quest the Oculus Link concept is fantastic. Not to mention that if I would have a Rift S I would use it and travel to customer's facilities with it. Less middleware, less intermediaries always is better, I think. What will things be in the future, if a Oculus Link based on Wifi appears as John Carmack suggested past Oculus Connect conference...? Nobody knows.

    As soon I received Anker cable I tested it and... It runs fine!!!! From Revit to Quest in less than 20 seconds. My dreams came true. Doing presentations to customers with a portable workstation and Quest in their facilities now is possible without the need of coding APKs in Unreal Engine! No sensors! All inside a trolley for flying!

    If somebody wants to see a recorded gameplay, take a look at this post, at the end it is. Sorry, it is in spanish language but I think you can undertand the steps to carry on.

    Thank you very much for your feedback - this would additionally of course also be really useful in standalones non-web too! I'll file a corresponding feature request for this subject. :)

    Thanks Demian. I'm sure it will be useful for all of your incoditional suportters and fans.

    I agree. It's not so common in middle aged customers to have COD gaming performance. I've seen this fact as I've developed some Virtual Reality experiences in UnrealEngine and have to recode blueprints some input mappings, events and gestures for improving user experience. I have found similar difficulties while playing first person screen experiences for non eSports people. Its a culture young people and developers have.

    I've purchased a touch screen (LG 23ET63V) wiht the hope of reviewing with customers aerial views mainly. The touch screens works fine with Photoshop, for example but when launching Enscape the behaviour is erratic: horizontal / vertical movements doesn't corresponds with RMB as I would like. Pinch gestures doesn't acts as zoom in / zoom out as does in Photoshop. Is there a way to map those gestures with mouse actions? In Unreal Engine, in the input section of project you can bind events to input devices buttons and joysticks (motion controllers in VR, I mean, or touchs aswell)

    I work for laboratory planning mainly, not medical, laboratory people. Form the library I can only take three person (one of them is a doctor). Recently I purchased about ten people from Renderpeople (near 250€) with the hope that would be relatively easy to add to the library. After reviewing the Enscape assets, their data structure (from the favorites folder) it is not so easy, you're using "Open Asset Import Library (assimp v4.1.1881470592)". Neither meshes or textures are possible to code for new assets without programming, so I can't add my models to the library.

    Would be very very nice if you could add laboratory workers or having a solution for add mines.