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    Hi guys,

    I've been using Enscape for Rhino and am new to SketchUp. Here I found the lighting very weird under the sofa and the table. The lighting bounces through the sofa and creates some unrealistic lighting under the furniture.

    From the attached image, you may find the light settings.

    Looking forward to any help!


    Hi Chuqi, welcome to the forums!

    Are the material changes visible in Rhino, but not in Enscape? Or are they not visible in Rhino, as well?

    If the latter is the case, we probably can't help you, but somebody from the forums may :)

    If the material changes show up in Rhino, but not in Enscape, can you press the [Start] button a second time? This will trigger an update from Rhino to Enscape. Does this change things?

    Thanks Kaj, I tried this solution, however it still remain undated.

    Now when i update one link in worksession, all the material in that link will turn white in Enscape but look good in rhino. The only way to have them updated is to restart rhino.;(

    Hi guys, I'm new to enscape.

    Our team is working with worksession in rhino since the file is really heavy. But I have an issue that will happen sometimes: materials in worksession doesn't show properly in render view when updated, sometimes all the materials are not shown.

    I have to restart rhino to solve this. Can anyone help with a faster way?