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    Hi Enscape Forum,

    I am planning on buying a new pc for my office (sketchup, enscape vr, vectorworks, adobe, ...) no gaming

    I did some research and combined a few options of a custom build pc around an Nvidia RTX4080. It would be helpful in having some other opinion about the (processor, RAM, motherboard)

    OPTION 1:
    Intel I9-14900K 3,2GHZ (6GHz turbo boost

    Msi mpg Z790 carbon wifi socket

    Gskill 96GB DDR5 5600 kit

    Msi Geforce RTX 4080 16gb gaming X TRIO

    OPTION 2 (variation on the INTEL: I7 3,4GHZ)


    amd ryzen9 7950X3D (not sure if the 3d is actually good for modelling and rendering), 4,2 GHZ (5,7 turbo boos)

    msi mpg x670E Carbon wifi board

    Gskill 64 GB DDR 5 5200 kit

    I see a benifit of a higher speed of the amd processor (4,2 over the basic 3,2 on the intel)

    the intel seems to get more hot and eats more power than the amd

    on the amd it seems to be not possible to install a 96 gb ram (according to Alternate: the ram sets for 96 gb ram are 5600 speed and they are to fast for the speed which the processor allows)

    all those three options makes a budget around 3500-3700 euro, which i would like to keep.

    Any advice or input around this would be very helpfull helping me to decide, and get a better insight.

    Thank you