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    Whenever I try to load Enscape, I get the error message below and then my Revit crashes. I was using the latest version of Revit 2021 (, the latest version of Enscape (3.5.6+204048) I have gone through all the options following the steps on switching the used graphics card and downloading the newest GPU drivers with no luck. I have a NVIDIA T1000 8GB graphics card and I downloaded the latest driver ( dated 2023-12-01). I contacted my company's IT and they were also not able to solve the issue. I should also mention that I have even tried making a new Revit model with just a single wall to test if it works since most forums say the geometry may be too heavy, but it still doesn't work.

    I tried contacting Enscape support and got a response saying "Please navigate to the General Settings menu located on your Enscape toolbar and ensure the following settings are turned off:

    • Hardware-accelerated Ray-Tracing
    • NVIDIA Global Illumination Denoiser
    • NVIDIA DLSS" (see attached screenshot)

    This is not possible for me because Enscape does not even open so I cannot change the settings.

    I found this thread ((Resolved) WARNING: Enscape crashes with the latest NVIDIA drivers) and thought perhaps there was again an issue between the NVIDIA driver and Enscape. One of my co-workers is using the NVIDIA driver from 2023-05-24 version with the NVIDIA T1000 graphics card and Enscape He is able to use Enscape with no issue. When I tried to download the older version of Enscape and the older driver I still had the same issue.

    Can someone help with this?