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    Also, I get the same result in both safari and chrome on the iPhone 7 (except that chrome doesn’t go full screen). The page is cropped the same way, where the sides of the views are cut off.

    I'm having the same (or similar) issue, and in my case it's an hosted cardboard panorama. It looks correct on an iPhone 11 Pro, but not on an iPhone 7. Note in this screenshot how the centers of the images are lined up pretty close on the 11 Pro, but not on the 7 (I scaled them to each other in this image). Basically, on the 7, The center of the view is too far apart when viewing with the same lenses.

    Edit: I am using these clip-on lenses on both phones:…e-Compliant/dp/B019D9F2XS

    Edit2: Enscape version is 2.6.1+13260. Note again that it does work fine on the 11 Pro.