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    Hey cholden424

    Thank you for reaching out about this.

    Indeed, Enscape users may currently encounter issues when working simultaneously in work-shared CAD models; collaborating on CAD files (currently Revit and Rhino) will lead to syncs for all active users on a model. For instance, if a user wants to change a Visual Settings Preset in the Central File, they are unable to do so until all of the active users in the project have synced their model first. Please note that this issue is not confined to changing Settings Presets - it can occur with any Enscape-related change, though in user reports most widely affects work with Settings Presets.

    The issue is closely tied to how Revit works when multiple people are working on the same project. Autodesk currently does not offer any functionality to share other files to collaborate on, besides the project file itself. Because there is no proper mechanism in Revit for checking files in or out, changing anything from Enscape can cause issues in Revit. There is currently no good way (on the Revit side) to auto-sync or merge these data sets across users. As this issue is not just tied to the behavior of Enscape, potential solutions on our end are not obvious. We are currently investigating different approaches. But none of them seem to solve all the facets of the problem. In the worst case, they might even influence all other users negatively. That is why we are currently weighing up all possibilities. If we find a solution that would be suitable in the coming weeks, a (partial) fix could be provided in the second half of 2023.

    For now, as a short-term solution, the only way to reduce the frequency of this particular issue is to use or change Visual Settings Presets as infrequently as possible, work on a local copy of the model or revert back to Enscape 2.9. If you’d like to continue working as is, communicating any Visual Settings Preset changes upfront with the team can help ensure a proper workflow as well.

    I'm sorry there is no more immediate solution to this issue.

    hey alexromrom , welcome to the forums!

    I have not been able to reproduce the issue you reported with your texture, even with the strength set all the way up to 1000.

    As a first step, this sounds to me like you should update your graphics card driver. If this doesn't help, please send us feedback as described in this knowledgebase article:…eedback-button-win-revit/

    Our support team will help you take the next steps from there!

    Hey Vida , sorry to hear about this issue.
    If you still want to upgrade to Enscape 3.4 again, maybe you can share a screenshot of the message you've received regarding assets? Maybe there's a chance it can lead us to a solution for you. If you do so, please also send us feedback as Rick described so we can investigate the issue further. Thank you!

    Hey Ted!
    Valid question indeed, and I'm sorry to hear you're running into that issue.

    Just to point out this - SU 2018 is no longer officially supported with Enscape 3.4:

    I assume you have your reasons not to upgrade SketchUp, am I right? I tested the behavior with SketchUp 21 and it worked fine..

    Thanks, that helps. I just checked the behavior and it works fine for me.
    Have you set the time in the shadow settings of the individual scenes? If you did this and the time is not being taken into account when batch rendering, is there a chance you're using one of our Preview releases? We are introducing a new daytime-per-view-system, and it's possible that they are overwriting your SketchUp settings.

    You can check your Enscape version in the About window, which you can access through the toolbar in SketchUp. Telling me the Enscape version you're using would be a big help.

    Hey lef80 ,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Those look like metal materials to me, am I right? Two questions:

    - Is this a screenshot of Enscape running in real-time mode, or are these renderings you made using the Screenshot button? The behavior should be better when creating a rendering.

    - Is there a chance you could share a screenshot of the material editor interface for these two materials with us? That will make troubleshooting easier.

    Thank you in advance!

    Hey colin_r , I'm sorry for the confusion.

    There are two ways to achieve a water material in Enscape for Revit:

    - Make sure it's a Revit water material (it will work fine, but it will indeed not show up in the Enscape Material Editor)

    - Make it a generic type material so it shows up in the Enscape Material Editor, then set it to type Water there.

    However, your water material seems to work well. The reason it doesn't look like water is because it's vertical.
    Water waves will only appear on horizontal / non-vertical surfaces. Try it, apply the same material to a horizontal surface and it will behave just fine.

    If you'd like to share your demand for vertical water with us, please feel free to do so here:…bs/17-under-consideration
    We really appreciate the contribution!

    Hey Toscano

    Thank you for your message! We plan to deliver Enscape for Mac for all supported (Mac compatible) host software packages eventually, but there is currently no timeline we could provide. A little patience :)

    Hey Thiefsie

    An export standalone function is currently not available in the Mac version of Enscape. Please feel free to leave us feedback about this:

    Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to forward/upvote Feature/Asset Requests directly) - News & FAQ - Enscape Community Forum

    It's much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

    You CAN export a Web Standalone from both OS versions, though. These run on both systems respectively. Maybe that's a solution until we provide an offline standalone? You can find more info on this in this Knowledgebase Article

    One thing I don't really understand though is I played around with the most recent vray and they have some Globe plants baked right into Vray Cosmos that popped right in no problem. Even on my rtx2070 max q, it was a breeze to handle. I havent tested bringing a Globe Plant proxy in, but now Im curious.

    Hey Landshaper - just as a little explanation here, Vray and Enscape are entirely separate tech, since Enscape is a real-time solution while Vray is an offline renderer. In short this means Enscape is faster in general, but has trouble handling overly complex scenes while Vray can take all the time in the world to tackle pretty much any amount of complexity.
    We're working on ways to find a common ground, though ;)

    Some points to all:

    1. do you have some experience how to switch between projects? I can open more projects in Sketchup but I can have just one project opened in workaround is to work with just one project at the time...when switching to another project I quit Sketchup and start again... Do you have other workarounds?


    hey bsfranza ,

    maybe the black shadows have been caused by a Sun Strength that was set unusually high, or a shadow contrast that was unusually strong. Both are located in the Visual Settings, and can be reset by resetting the visual settings to default (before exporting the web standalone).

    However, you are right - the lighting calculation is different and less precise in the web standalone, since it uses a different graphics environment (WebGL) to be able to run in your browser.

    I hope this sheds some light on the issue ;)

    Hey Ande1409 - while I don't have any experience with FARO scenes, you don't need an .hdri file to use as Skybox in Enscape - any image format will do. It just has to have an aspect ratio around 1:2 or 3:4. Does that help?