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    Hey Gadget, just a quick question: have you tried dialing up the fog height, as well? By default, the fog layer indeed is quite thin, but the effect gets a lot stronger by maximizing the height.

    Hi Craig_Stack , welcome to our forums! I'm sorry to hear about these inconveniences.

    I discussed this case another time with our developers. Could I ask you, Craig_Stack  Wade Stephens and Anailton Simiao to please send us in Feedback using the feedback button and leave me a note once you've done so? Ideally, please add your username to the feedback description, so we can connect the data to this forum thread?

    We would like to have a closer look into this, as we suspect there might be some driver issues at work here as well.

    Thank you in advance!

    Agreed, but in the same way we’d also never use Navis for anything visual, I’d never use Enscape for “BIM”. You can’t select objects in Enscape can you? So essentially it’s just a list of what’s in the model - I already have that in Revit. I’m genuinely curious what the workflow is that it’s supposed to support?

    Not correct, you can click objects in BIM mode to show their data. Just press B to enable BIM mode - boom, everything's clickable.

    Hey josephkim626 , thank you for your feedback!

    I have filed your remark on WASD vs arrow keys for product management, I totally agree.

    I've checked and when the "Show On-Screen Help" setting is enabled, the interface shows in the web standalone, and when it's disabled, it does not.

    Do you say you would prefer a separate setting for this HUD just for the web standalone? Or did I get something wrong?

    Foggo, I really appreciate your participation on this!

    I would still say Enscape is a real-time rendering program, even without having settings presets being selected per view when selected automatically.

    (Real-time rendering stands for rendering a scene at least 24 times a second and being able to navigate it and perform changes on the fly)

    I understand your dissatisfaction with settings presets not being applied automatically to views at this time, but there was no way at all to change settings for batch renderings before, so we've seen this as a first necessity.

    Just to clarify my earlier post with regards to the glitchy presets and manage views buttons, they simply don't work for me if the Enscape window is visible anywhere on my desktop, irregardless of where the settings box is located.

    I'm confused - in the video you've shared, at 02:37 we can clearly see you switching from preset "Vis 01" to preset "Vis 07" and the changes being applied in the settings, although the Enscape window is not minimized and visible? It's just selecting the predefined views that does not affect the current settings, selecting settings presets seems to work?

    Gadget Is it? If you're using matching maps to begin with, it should be nothing more than entering the same values in the "Explicit texture transformation" fields?

    If you're not using matching textures, it's probably an issue anyways? Or am I mistaken?

    Yes, please fix the presets so they are easy to access and easy to apply!! If you can't use them for batch render, what's the point of adding it per scene? YOu're only half-way done..

    It's the other way around - You can use the linked settings presets for batch renders only at this point.

    We have included this feature in the current form so we could open it up to the public in Enscape 2.7, already. Any other additions would have delayed it beyond the release of the next Enscape version.

    Whether the linked settings will be applied in real-time as well will be decided at a later point. This said, we're very grateful for all your feedback!

    Hi andybot , I've been talking to the developers about this. This change has been decided upon a long time ago to prevent a multitude of bugs, not just for this preview. Also, there was never a clear solution to scale textures with different aspect ratios, for example.

    You can still scale albedo-, bump and roughness maps independently, it just won't automatically apply the changes to all textures applied to that material.

    If you still experience this as a major workflow flaw, I'm happy to communicate your opinion to product management!

    Hey foggo and Gadget ,

    Foggo, I see. Thank you for sharing the video with us. Your perception of the settings management tool being glitchy comes from the Enscape window now staying on top all times. (This is meant to allow you an easier adjustment of settings without having to switch between windows all the time.)

    Instead of minimizing the Enscape window, you could also move the settings window to the right. But I'll make sure to share your insight with product management!

    On the other hand, what Gadget mentioned is correct:

    So does it only change the settings when rendering the views rather than when actually viewing them?

    The linked settings will currently only have effect when batch rendering, not during real-time walk through. Any feedback on this is of course welcome!