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    When working with worksessioned files, if materials are changed in the reference file, then the file is updated the new parts appear white.

    If you then detach and reattach the whole model is white.

    I have to shut down rhino and start again to get the materials back.

    Whats going on here?


    Thanks for getting back to me Kaj, I'm using Rhino not sketchup and as rheinason say dont have the "use viewport aspect ratio"

    I have view synchronization turned on, but it not the same lens length, both in the window and the export.


    My workstation has recently been updated to Enscape V2.6, and i'm having a problem with two point perspectives, that are named views that previously worked.

    The enscape viewport is appear to apply a different lens length so that viewport and enscape aren't the same.

    See screen shot

    Running Rhino 6

    Enscape 2.6.1+13260

    Thanks for your help.