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    I’ll have to test again but I was getting constant crashes using full poly Globeplants models on a 3080Ti. I purchased a low poly set and they are great. Globeplants did not offer an exchange as they do not have low poly options for all sets as of yet.

    I should mention that one of the things I do like about Enscape is the 'fakeness' to the lighting on interiors when I need to get something out quickly for a client's reaction. In V-Ray, you have to noodle quite a bit with an interior to get a view to even look decent enough as a draft. Enscape, because of its lighting calc 'shortcuts', can pretty much deliver something I can send to someone without much setup of IES, spots, fill lights etc.

    So, I think the moral of the story is that each tool has its strengths and weaknesses no matter which angle you look at it. Sometimes, I can trade realism for speed and sometimes you have a client that wants Alex Roman every time you render something.

    I was testing TwinMotion again all day Friday for the Ray Tracing abilities. Reflections are really awesome....but my 1080ti is not up to the task. I also REALLY missed working with all of the materials, components, lights, etc natively inside of SketchUp vs in the software application. Particularly problematic with large commercial spaces with a ton of component light fixtures. NOT a fun task to place lighting in TwinMotion.

    I was relying on IES splotlights for a while but found the rectangle light is "good enough," and can greatly reduce the number of light sources in a model, which Enscape sets a limit on rendering- tends to be an issue in my models at some point. The downside being able to see their reflections...I gave up on trying to be perfectly accurate to the light fixture's actual IES file from the manufacturer some time ago. Generic files work fine to get most rendering software to output the desired result- which can be trial and error.

    Yeah, those interior renders are incredibly dark and require artificial light to overcompensate for the light bounce that ray tracing would provide. I see a ton of "basic" bedroom/kitchen renders on the archviz subreddit all the time that have a ton of perfect natural light available and/or faked behind the camera fill lighting. I like to be more true to the lighting plan in my models and get frustrated like you when placing artificial lights. Besides, commercial spaces are usually loaded with artificial lighting anyway. One diagonal linear light would definitely not cut it here in this space, which is why you were adding more rectangle fill lights. Try some IES in them? What did those renders look like that you mention earlier?

    I agree 100% on this. If I can't place lights in SketchUp, what's this all for? This is why I have been sticking with Enscape and VRay as they both allow me to work this way. In the past have used Podium, Thea, Twinmotion, Lumion and D5 but Enscape and VRay for SketchUp reign supreme for many reasons listed above and the top one being that I get to stay inside of SketchUp to place proxies and lighting. Switching from SketchUp brain to the WASD gamer crap drives me crazy as well. Now if we can get Enscape to match 2pt cameras from SketchUp, I would be using it more and more (hint hint!)

    As someone who uses both Enscape and VRay on various projects, I do find myself wanting V-Ray's quality with Enscape's ease and fluid way of working as well. I bet we will see pathtracing in Enscape at some point. Especially with all the competition out there now. It's not uncommon for me to switch a project over from Enscape to VRay to get the quality of lighting and reflections or switch from V-Ray to Enscape to get the job done quickly and efficiently for a client that cares less about those things. It would be amazing if the 2 engines spoke to other or you could tell VRay to pull Enscape's material settings?

    At the end of the day, I was able to accomplish it in Photoshop using the warp tool to get the general effect. It would be great to have a projector light type in the future... add it to the list of a million Enscape wishes!

    Vlad is truly a magician. I binged all of his videos this past weekend hoping to find a solution. This was the closest but I specifically need it to look like water caustics. I thought Photoshop was an option but it needs to be done over a 360 render so that complicates things a little. The pano editing capability in Photoshop is super limited, especially with layers and blending modes.

    +1 on this - totally unacceptable honestly. Telling customers to hold off on their upgrade and then have them work with a beta is not something you would expect from a reputable software company.

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    Please see above post from Demian, once there is any news we will post it.

    I have to admit, it's honestly a bit annoying to not have a plugin update within a week at most. V-Ray support was released within a day or two. This should be expected from any major plug-in developer.

    Sorry to hear that...

    As mentioned, perhaps there is a way for you to convert these sets into lower poly versions - Using this tool here for example. I have to say though that I haven't had a chance to convert any globeplants objects before specifically, some other high-poly models were converted properly though which worked well in Enscape too.

    Perhaps alternatively they may offer you a refund too if you detail the situation and that you weren't aware of how optimized Assets have to be, to be displayed properly in real-time, or Enscape specifically. Might be worth a shot to instead acquire the low-poly bundles instead.

    Yes, Skimp and Transmutr are both great plugins. I will reach out to the Globeplants and see what they offer as a solution. Thanks for all the input!

    I notice they launched a separate range of low poly assets specifically aimed at Enscape and they talk about how well those perform there. I’m guessing you are using the original versions

    They only have 2 sets right now that are low poly, but yes, I was assuming that this was probably a way to address the issues I am running into. Unfortunately, I will have to re-purchase the sets I already own. They are great plants, but they are quite heavy for Enscape.

    Are you using the Proxy versions inside of SketchUp?

    Unfortunately, even with that much VRAM, anyone could run into such issues using unoptimized models - Our 3D Artists always go to great lengths to ensure that our Assets specifically are as low poly as possible while still maintaining a proper appearance and without looking "off".

    Still, feel free to of course send in a report as mentioned so we can check whether or not this is caused by said models or if it's due to another issue (which it shouldn't be but anyway) - At least DLSS should help with VRAM usage though, but even that may not be enough if the plants are just too much to handle.

    Have you created your own Assets through the Globeplants models, or have you been using them as Linked Models (proxies) as well? You may try the latter method as well if you haven't already, but again, it may still be overloading your machine after all.

    Yes, using proxies that are already set up by Globeplants. This was the appeal of buying their sets.

    VStudio , what GPU do you have built into your system? :)

    RTX 3080 Ti

    We specifically upgraded to this GPU hoping for better performance and quality using RTX but honestly, most of the time I end up disabling Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing, NVIDIA Denoiser and NVIDIA DLSS because of crashes. When I say crashes, I mean like hard, SketchUp just closes crashes.

    I love the models from Globeplants but I think they might be too high quality for poor little Enscape. I swear that every time I use them, it crashes my Enscape left and right, Anyone else have this issue with them?

    What's the rush to upgrade to SKP 2022? Are there new advancements? I'm over here on 2019 ^^

    What's the rush to upgrade Enscape every time a new version is released? Toys man - at this point its just bug fixes and a few new toys.

    I dread the yearly upgrading of SU for these sorts of issues...

    I did a copy and paste of my entire plugins folder and the only 2 plugins that gave me an error was Enscape and V-Ray. VRay released their installer yesterday. As soon as we get an Enscape update, you should feel good about the upgrade.