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    When you have Show Safe Frame turned on, shouldn't it always be on, not just when you run a capture? It would be nice to at least have the option to show it while working.

    The clouds especially looks to fake, and using a HDRI is in my opinion necessary.

    But when making a animation it would be just beautiful with a more realistic sky so you can show the changing shadows on the buildings when the sun moves across the sky.

    Different presets could be a nice feature to speed up the process :)

    I do agree that low clouds are very fake looking. I usually turn them off and keep the Cirrus clouds which look better.

    I always loved how Vue Ozone Cloud Factory rendered clouds in their software, which I am pretty sure is discontinued?

    And all of this would be solved if you could just have Enscape save the settings per Scene tab inside the model. All of these workarounds just seem like 1995 to me. How is it that Enscape does all of these incredible things but falls short on saving the settings per file?

    I've been away from Enscape for the last few months and quickly realized I lost a bunch of tweaks to the settings when I opened an old file. Lesson learned but I am still going to gripe until we get this feature!

    The outlines width issue is much much better in the latest preview release. One new issue I am encountering is that Enscape is rendering outlines on a smoothed surface of an chair object. Shouldn't Enscape ignore edges that are softened and smoothed?

    I've turned on white mode and increased the width so you can see what I am talking about. The back of the chair is perfectly smoothed in SketchUp.

    ... completely independent from the renderer: How great it would be to be able to save SkUps entire working environment (including the trays, plugins, etc.) into different sets, which you can load then as desired, similar to Adobe CS does that. That alone would be a step in the right direction for any SkUp user ;)

    I have requested this feature to Trimble in the last 3 betas I have been a part of. All design software has some form of this as it makes so much sense.

    Sometimes you have a material in SketchUp and in the model I want that glass to be a light blue color but when I render or when I am using Enscape, I want that material's albedo to be overridden with a very dark gray, maybe even black sometimes.

    It would be nice if we could tick off a button to turn off material syncing, that way when I make an edit to the albedo in Enscape, it doesn't change my material properties in SketchUp. It's not something I would do all the time, but having the option is nice.

    Ive been cheating this with a perfectly transparent no reflection no secular material applied to a bounding box and then I don't let the client fly :P but I look forward to a good solution being implemented in the future.

    I like that idea a lot. The only issue is the client that's in VR using teleport and they thing they are playing Halo and shooting the thing all over. Then they end up shooting through a window and end up looking at an unmodeled area. My fix is to just have a scene tab setup that I can send them back to a safe spot but I would to be able to make it all off limits, even to teleportation, if I could.

    Anyone who has used Thea knows it works and works really well. ;) Quite frankly, it's the only think I miss about Thea (sorry Thea lovers).

    Rendering In Viewport with Thea

    I wouldn't work completely while rendering live, but when you have clients and architects over your shoulder and you making design decisions on the fly, it's very useful to have this feature - especially if you are on a laptop or presenting on a projector, etc.

    Also, I like to have my SketchUp trays on my 2nd monitor and this just forces me to dock my trays on my working screen when I am working on my 2-screen workstation. It's just a little bit of a pain, but I am not sure how many people work that way. I just dislike the trays that fly out. Not my favorite setup.

    I was just in a client demo showing them one of our VR models in Enscape and I have come across this almost every time so I thought I would post/suggest.

    Can we get a way to make a boundary that Enscape cannot cross? Like a no-fly zone. Many times a client is clicking like crazy with teleport or newbies are just getting used to moving around and they venture off into an area of a model that is not intended for them or they end up in a closet or on the roof, etc. I would be nice to be able to control the limits of where a viewer can go.

    New update is incredible by the way!