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    I just tested Enscape with Oculus link and Quest 2 and it works beautifully. Just install the Oculus software, plug in your Quest with a link cable, add your Quest to the Oculus software and run VR with Enscape as you normally would and it works! The one thing I am still trying to figure out is to go wireless using Virtual Desktop. I will report back if I get that to work.

    Just to give this a little bump, since I pre-ordered the Quest2, I am very excited about the possibility of doing this wirelessly - anyone have any luck using Enscape with Sidequest and Virtual Desktop?

    The most useful tool I have been using lately to communicate with the team and clients has been the 360 tool. Being able to generate a 360 quickly and then send it to the cloud in a matter for seconds and then just email that to someone has been the reason I have been using Enscape more than any other engine lately.

    I am noticing that the zoom level or I should say the field of view seems to dramatic at times though. It seems very noticeable in smaller spaces. Is there any way to adjust this so the view gets a more realistic sense of the space when they view the 360 in their browser? In most applications you can use the scroll wheel to change the zoom amount. It would be nice if we had a way to set this.

    The main thing to keep in mind is the only map that you need is the diffuse. All other maps assign to an object wont translate into skp as you will need to manually set up the rest in enscape.

    How does the Enscape Proxy work - I have tried this but have had no luck.

    You can make some material adjustments right in Transmutr and then when you are ready to export, Transmutr will save out the base file called "fullGeometry" and then Transmutr imports the proxy right into your file using the proxy settings you set in Transmutr. If you want to edit the file or materials, just open the component it created, called filename_fullGeometry.skp

    My workflow lately has been to use a material converter script like was suggested above, export to FBX and use Transmutr to import. I cannot say enough things about how Transmutr has made the importing of non-SKP files easy and painless. The plugin offers the ability to make Enscape proxies directly in the plugin.

    Herbo’s fix is a very clever workaround but I have to admit, I very much dislike this new grass system. One of my favorite Enscape features was the grass. It was simple, looked great and worked well. You didn’t have to fuss with plugins or proxies and you could achieve different looks just by swapping out the base material texture. This new fluffy grass made up of rotated planes is messy and looks really bad. I’m not sure who even let this out the door like this. I know people asked for fur but this isn’t the way to get it. Also, who wants grass swaying in the wind? I can see very tall grasses but just a normal cut lawn doesn’t need to animate. That’s excessive and looks cheesy in renders.

    Is there a possibility that we have a choice of grasses in the future? Because to be honest, I liked the 2.7 grass more, so for now I have installed the old png again, which mainly does the trick to fill up the holes again.

    Could you please explain how you did this - I would love to fix.

    I agree, this grass doesn't work well for simple clean lawns, I do miss the grass from 2.7. This just looks very fluffy, which I understand probably has something to do with the fur/carpet system, but please make these 2 things separate from each other.

    I understand that Enscape is a platform that is being developed to work with a variety of 3D applications. There is a need to create features in new updates that work across all of those applications but I am disappointed that we still do not have a 2-pt perspective tool that matches with SketchUp's 2-pt perspective.

    They still haven't brought realtime ray tracing to Twinmotion, nor has it ever worked well in Unreal. The demo videos always look great....until you step into the manual labor nightmare that is Unreal. Still....I'll give it a go.

    If you look at the Twinmotion roadmap you will see that they are currently working on taking a Twinmotion model and sending it into Unreal which might aid in the setup process. Interesting that we are talking about Twinmotion and Unreal here...…abs/4-under-consideration