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    Steam VR allows Enscape to send to a VR headset, Virtual Desktop, makes your workstation think you have a VR headset connected with a wire (although you need to install the Virtual Desktop app from Side Quest on your Quest).

    This scenario is if you want to go wireless - otherwise use a Link cable and you don't have to deal with any of this. I also think you may get better resolution, with the latest update but I have not tested this as I do not have a Link cable yet.

    I have absolute paths turned off. I have come across this issue with some files imported via Transmutr though, but it hasn't been that much of an issue lately.

    This case I am reporting right now is not something from Transmutr. I purchased a set of plants from Globe Plants in SKP format, so I am not sure what system they used to get the files into SketchUp. It's just too bad that Enscape doesn't look in the location of a proxy to find its assets. This is going to be a huge pain to remap all the assets one by one for an entire collection.

    I am not loading them into the asset editor. I am loading these as a linked file. This also occurs if I just open the model and try to render on its own.

    I am using the latest public release 2.90.

    Do you know where to find something (some demo perhaps) to experience unreal (archviz) in VR? Because even though I enjoy Enscape, I also have the feeling their VR is superior, but I only saw videos from it.

    A while back I tested the Unreal Paris apartment done by Benoit Dereau. It really gives a sense of what is possible using Unreal, but understand that what they have done here is top tier stuff. You wont get stuff looking like this without a decent amount of experience under your belt. The reason I use Enscape is the ease of getting a model into VR. It's still rather cumbersome to get stuff from Unreal into a headset looking like this. Anyway, here is a link to his website where you can download the file to check it out yourself.

    This happens quite a bit with files that have been imported from Transmutr and I am sure from other imports. I just purchased a set of SketchUp models from Globe Plants and all of the models are like this when I open them. Any reason why Enscape can't just resolve this on its own by looking in the same folder of the SKP file and re-path all of these things? Huge giant pain to fix this.

    I heard that Quest just released the 90hz update. Maybe try that again but I suspect that Enscape is doing something on it's end to limit quality. I have never been super impressed with Enscape's quality in VR, at least not after testing something that was done using Unreal.

    I emailed myself a link from a 360 that is uploaded to the Enscape cloud and tried to open it on my Oculus Quest 2 in the browser and it doesnt seem to work. It would appear that these 360s are not supported by Oculus Browser.

    Anyone have the best way to view 360s from Enscape in an Oculus?

    So I did get it to work (kinda) through SteamVR using the Quest2 wirelessly through Virtual Desktop. The one issue I faced was that Enscape didn't properly detect my Touch controllers and I could only use teleport with the trigger. Anyone else able to get Enscape to work wirelessly through Virtual Desktop this way?

    Edit: OK I just realized that I have to press down on the thumbstick in order to get them to enable the motion. So I did get this to work!

    You need to purchase Virtual Desktop from the Oculus Store, install the Virtual desktop app through SideQuest, enable developer mode as per the instructions at the Sidequest website, install SteamVR. and install Virtual Desktop Streamer on your workstation. Once you have all of this going, make sure Virtual Desktop Streamer is running, run Enscape with VR mode running, then in the Quest headset, open Virtual Desktop and start in in VR mode, this should take you to SteamVR where you can make sure that the Enscape application is running and then you should go right into your model.

    I just tested Enscape with Oculus link and Quest 2 and it works beautifully. Just install the Oculus software, plug in your Quest with a link cable, add your Quest to the Oculus software and run VR with Enscape as you normally would and it works! The one thing I am still trying to figure out is to go wireless using Virtual Desktop. I will report back if I get that to work.

    Just to give this a little bump, since I pre-ordered the Quest2, I am very excited about the possibility of doing this wirelessly - anyone have any luck using Enscape with Sidequest and Virtual Desktop?

    The most useful tool I have been using lately to communicate with the team and clients has been the 360 tool. Being able to generate a 360 quickly and then send it to the cloud in a matter for seconds and then just email that to someone has been the reason I have been using Enscape more than any other engine lately.

    I am noticing that the zoom level or I should say the field of view seems to dramatic at times though. It seems very noticeable in smaller spaces. Is there any way to adjust this so the view gets a more realistic sense of the space when they view the 360 in their browser? In most applications you can use the scroll wheel to change the zoom amount. It would be nice if we had a way to set this.

    The main thing to keep in mind is the only map that you need is the diffuse. All other maps assign to an object wont translate into skp as you will need to manually set up the rest in enscape.

    How does the Enscape Proxy work - I have tried this but have had no luck.

    You can make some material adjustments right in Transmutr and then when you are ready to export, Transmutr will save out the base file called "fullGeometry" and then Transmutr imports the proxy right into your file using the proxy settings you set in Transmutr. If you want to edit the file or materials, just open the component it created, called filename_fullGeometry.skp

    My workflow lately has been to use a material converter script like was suggested above, export to FBX and use Transmutr to import. I cannot say enough things about how Transmutr has made the importing of non-SKP files easy and painless. The plugin offers the ability to make Enscape proxies directly in the plugin.