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    I would like to see a way to get SketchUp lines into Enscape when using the Outlines feature. What I mean by this, for example, would be like a floor tile pattern thats drawn in SketchUp - I would like to be able to maybe put on a certain layer or give the line a property through a right click to tell Enscape to show that line as an edge. I know there are workaround for this using pipe plugins, etc. But I have a lot of floor patterns in my model and it would be a good deal of added geometry. Ideally I would use a texture with a bump map, etc. But this issue occurs in many instances where we just model lines to represent edges and it would be nice to have them show up in Enscape.

    Excellent news! I've been holding off on the 2.6 update because I had some projects in the pipeline, this is the nudge I needed. This fix (matching views) is something I've needed for a while, thank you Enscape team.

    ( VStudio - I think you can use 2pt with a wide angle and just crop to the lens shift that you need, as a workaround at least. Not sure though, I need to test.)

    Yeah - that's a workaround but not a real solution for me. If we can just get Enscape to recognize panning in SU when 2pt in enabled, we will be golden!

    1 SketchUp's viewport proportions are different on virtually every workstation due to tool bars, etc. This makes it hard to maintain the same exact export when using the Use Viewport Aspect option in Capture - maybe there should be a lock that sets this and locks it in. It would also be nice to see the Safe Frame in SketchUp's window like other engines do.

    2 Enscape is not recognizing the view panning when in 2pt mode.

    SketchUp users are going to need exact view matching. Some of is that use an NPR workflow are exporting hidden line views using sketchy styles and 2pt is an essential part of setting up a view in architecture. 100% of the time I am using pan after turning on 2pt in SketchUp.

    I feel like I have even requested this in the past but for me, this isnt a request it's a bug. Enscape is not matching SketchUp's view when 2pt is enabled and this needs to be logged as a bug in my opinion.

    Trees and plants are always welcome , even cars as long as they get updated but people can get dated quickly and become a cliche as you begin to see the same people in every rendering.

    In Sketchup, immediately after placing an asset, press spacebar to return to the asset library where you left off. :)

    This doesn't work for me. I did notice what my issue was - the asset library stays open but sometimes doesn't stay on top of SketchUp, so I just need to bring it forward.

    @VStudio, I'm not sure about sketchup but I know with Revit; you actually can rotate assets upon placing in the project by tapping the space bar, then click to place down.

    Definitely not something SketchUp does, but it would be nice. I would like to see Enscape do this automatically with cars, people and furniture. Plants and trees can just auto-rotate as you are placing, that would be nice.

    We just had an open studio at our office and we had one of our Enscape models on display with the Rift setup if anyone wanted to check out VR. The room was a mix of architects and designers from other fields. Here are some observations I had as I was in charge of getting people into the model and quickly teaching them to navigate the model.

    We had about 15-20 people come into the VR that were interested, I would say 90% of them had never tried VR before at all. This was out of maybe 60-70+ people in total at our event. I still think some people are not interested in this technology or are at least weary about putting the headset on.

    It wasn't just young people that were interested. A lot of the people who were interested were older which was somewhat surprising to me.

    Architects get into the VR space and look around, but the non-architects want to move quickly through and are looking for a more interactive experience, they almost get bored with just walking around in a static environment. I would say in less than a minute about half the users were like, "that's all?". They wanted cars and people to move - some said it was creepy that everything was still, especially the Enscape people proxies. As a sidenote - we all found that the Enscape people seem to be a bit red - maybe too much time in the tanning booth? ^^

    It would be great to begin thinking about adding some interactivity - even if its just some thing that turns a series if layer sets on and off - for options. This way we have clients look at design options while inside the model. It would also be amazing to have material options in the model as well, so a client can select finishes - this would be huge!!!

    Navigation - so we took the left Rift controller out of the whole equation altogether. We find its just another layer of complication to new users that is not necessary in these demo situations. The first thing I do is explain how to teleport as we find that this makes people less sick. no matter how I explained this, people shot the teleport straight out and ending up moving too quickly or ended up in a place in the model they did not belong. I would really like to see Enscape have the ability to turn on a 'simple teleport' that has a jump arc like you see in the Unreal VR template. I don't want someone to be able to shoot straight across and open area, rather I would like them 'hop' maybe 5-25' depending on how the raise the arc.

    I have requested this one before - LIMITS - we need to be able to create a boundary that Enscape will simply not allow you to pass. People love testing the limits and always want to go 'backstage'. I even placed stanchions in the model so people would not cross them - guess what? They still wanted to. It would just be nice if Enscape had a boundary and it would not go any further - maybe a little message pops up floating in VR that says, please turn around, this area is no accessible in VR.

    We were running Enscape 2.5 on an 1080ti and I have the say that the quality has come a long way in the last year. I am very impressed in the direction that Enscape is heading - EXCELLENT work Enscape team!


    When placing people in a site, it would be nice if the library window stayed open so I can populate a project quickly.

    Edit - OK - just realized it does stay open but gets hidden under SketchUp each time I place a model. Can you have it sit on top of the screen? Also, it would be great if you could rotate the object while placing it.

    When you have Show Safe Frame turned on, shouldn't it always be on, not just when you run a capture? It would be nice to at least have the option to show it while working.

    The clouds especially looks to fake, and using a HDRI is in my opinion necessary.

    But when making a animation it would be just beautiful with a more realistic sky so you can show the changing shadows on the buildings when the sun moves across the sky.

    Different presets could be a nice feature to speed up the process :)

    I do agree that low clouds are very fake looking. I usually turn them off and keep the Cirrus clouds which look better.

    I always loved how Vue Ozone Cloud Factory rendered clouds in their software, which I am pretty sure is discontinued?

    And all of this would be solved if you could just have Enscape save the settings per Scene tab inside the model. All of these workarounds just seem like 1995 to me. How is it that Enscape does all of these incredible things but falls short on saving the settings per file?

    I've been away from Enscape for the last few months and quickly realized I lost a bunch of tweaks to the settings when I opened an old file. Lesson learned but I am still going to gripe until we get this feature!

    The outlines width issue is much much better in the latest preview release. One new issue I am encountering is that Enscape is rendering outlines on a smoothed surface of an chair object. Shouldn't Enscape ignore edges that are softened and smoothed?

    I've turned on white mode and increased the width so you can see what I am talking about. The back of the chair is perfectly smoothed in SketchUp.

    ... completely independent from the renderer: How great it would be to be able to save SkUps entire working environment (including the trays, plugins, etc.) into different sets, which you can load then as desired, similar to Adobe CS does that. That alone would be a step in the right direction for any SkUp user ;)

    I have requested this feature to Trimble in the last 3 betas I have been a part of. All design software has some form of this as it makes so much sense.