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    Can we have the Enscape settings save with a file an not become the default on that machine for all projects? I noticed that when I move from my workstation to our VR workstation, it doesn't remember by settings for that project, it seems to remember the settings from the last user on that machine, regardless whether those settings were adjusted in Revit or SketchUp. I think it makes more sense that those settings stay with the file and that a new project could have some preset defaults.

    When I turn on 2pt camera in SU and then use the pan tool to get my shot the way I want it, Enscape recognized the 2pt setting but not the panning. It would be ideal to have it match SU exactly, and I would even love a way to make the Enscape window match and lock the proportion of my SU window.

    I even suggested on the development board that we have the Enscape window replace the SU viewport, similar to how Thea does with it's engine.

    I agree with Renderwiz, If the easiest way for now is to just implement keywords for bump, reflection glossiness, and emissive power, that would be an awesome addition until a full editor can be written. We just started using Enscape with an Oculus and clients are already blow away.

    It would be great if you could just hand a client a single controller and they can lift it up to walk forward and back. Teleport is also very useful but in a small space we found that gets clumsy (client clicks on bed and ends up in the air).

    I would also love a feature that you can create a boundary where a client cannot go beyond no matter what. I was demoing an apartment on the 14 floor and most people ended up outside by accidentally teleporting, so some clients just wanted to see what would happen if they click outside.

    I would like to have a tool that has a laser pointer like the teleport feature without the teleport. This can be used when presenting in an environment with several onlookers discussing a project's details, etc. Maybe there is already a way to do this.