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    3d panoramas are great. On a tour of a large school construction site we handed out a sheet with QR codes linking to panorama renderings of the finished spaces. Users could stand in an unfinished room, pull up the panorama renderings and see the finished space all around them. They loved it, except the real-live view directions of course did not align with the view in the gyroscopically moving panorama image.

    Is there any way to control which direction is facing north is in a panorama rendering? Any workaround?

    Are you planning to implement augmented reality features in the future?


    Personally I don't think it matters much if the favoriting is done in Revit or in the Enscape view manager. The bigger issue is the loss of the flyout view menu. Without it starring views has lost its main purpose. Our last large project contains hundreds of 3d views, resulting in list that you shouldn't have to wade through during a presentation. The view manager is not something the client should have to see.

    The other, even bigger problem that I just noticed about the view manager is that switching views appears to force a reload of view settings from Revit, making view switching painfully slow in a large model. It's now very awkward to navigate from view to view in a live client presentation. We shouldn't have to manually walk through our entire 300,000 SF project to get to the rooms and views that we carefully modelled and curated for client consumption.

    Generally I think moving the interface to the Enscape window is a logical step and the implementation is very nicely done with regards to most tools, but with regards to saved view navigation this is not the case, to the point where I'm leaning towards skipping the 3.0 deployment for the whole office for now.

    With regards to Favorite Views in Revit, has the right-side pop-up menu where you can quickly switch between favorite views been intentionally removed? To have to open and navigate the view management menu with its huge list of views is a loss of functionality and elegance in client presentations. I read somewhere else that it may still exist in the .exe export and VR mode. Why only in those modes? Most of our internal and external presentations are done on a large TV in the conference room or live over Teams or Zoom from a Desktop computer screen.

    Yes please!

    May I add we should have the choice of selecting a single or multiple keyframe indicators (triangles) on the timeline and be able to simply slide them right or left, maybe with an additional pop-up where you could enter an exact +/- time shift amount in seconds. It would really help to more efficiently and selectively edit the movement speed.

    +1 on this request.

    Additionally it would be fantastic if an automatic license time-out could be implemented fro floating licenses. Unfortunately users don't always close the Enscape window when done with the program, so it sits idle tying up a license. Our Revit network licenses are automatically released after 30 minutes of idleness, so one option would be to tie the Enscape license to that.