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    We run (1) floating license in the office for Revit 2015/2017, and SketchUp. Sometimes when trying to open Enscape I get a no slot available message even when nobody in the office has Enscape open. I have also been alone in the office using Enscape and sometimes have to stop to restart my computer. After restarting Enscape I get the No Slot Available screen even though I was just using it and nobody else is in the office.

    Is there a way I can see which computer has Enscape open in case this glitch continues or someone leaves it up on their screen and I need to stop the floating license without checking with everyone?


    Thanks Clemens. Everything works well in the Steam VR environment and we are only having issues when we try to run Enscape VR as a standalone file or directly from Enscape.

    We are using a flatscreen TV as a monitor and our computer only has one HDMI port which we are using for the Vive. We are using a NVIDIA 1080 TI GPU. I will try to reinstall the driver and see if it helps however the system is brand new and was built for VR.



    When I try to run a standalone VR .exe file exported from Enscape with the VR goggle icon enabled I get the following error message:

    (unresponsive) EnscapeClient.exe

    The monitor shows the model and when you move the goggles around the view of the model changes as the goggles move. You can also see the controllers on the screen. However, when you look through the goggles all you can see is a loading screen.

    Please see attached screen shot of the monitor. Any suggestions?