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    Kaj, is it also possible to include sunlight setting per view for 2.7? Changing views in architecture, often makes sense to also change the time of day/sun for each specific view. Including sun settings, would make it 1000% more useful by batch rendering then :)

    We feel you, Michael! We're currently working on just that feature: Being able to save settings presets per view. As preparation, we've split up our settings menu in Enscape 2.6, and the feature you request is planned for 2.7. So, soon..!

    Luckily, you're missing something. :) Indeed you could always save settings presets as external file (so it's not just one setting available), but with 2.6 we've already introduced the ability to save settings (MULTIPLE! settings presets) into the CAD file itself.

    Have a look at this knowledgebase article:…dgebase/settings-presets/