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    This all reminds me of when I tried Thea after using V-Ray for Sketchup and getting annoyed at all the little hindrances in the workflow. It sounds like D5 is still quite a work-in-progress and isn't likely to be on equal footing with Enscape in the near future. Again, I would still like to see someone post successful artificially lit interiors, because in the few tests I tried it came out awful. It's one thing to light everything with a single sky model, quite another to account for many point lights.

    How about this

    I usually edit the bounding box and substitute my own basic geometry that represents the size and shape of the sofa, bed etc etc. but I get what you’re saying.

    The thing is I CAN move assets such as cushions in SU and view them simultaneously in Enscape to get them sitting nicely on my proxy’s sofa, in D5 you can resync the entire model but to do that every time I want to tweak a vase/painting etc etc would be a nightmare. I’ve just done 3 apartments being built near a local whiskey distillery, all the paintings and some of the assets are relevant to the locale, I just can’t see me doing that in D5 with the ease that it can be done in SU/Enscape.

    There is a real-time synchronization plugin on the official website of D5, you should not have downloaded it, whether it is 3Dmax or su, there is this plugin

    你有室内渲染的例子吗?我尝试了 D5,但对人工照明的内部空间感到非常失望。(我刚刚收到一封电子邮件,说 Enscape 的年度订阅费用再次增加。我总是盯着出口门,以防它达到订阅费用不再有意义的地步。到目前为止,增幅并不大。由