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    Hi Demian,

    I have finally manged to make it work.

    I have completely Uninstalled Enscape via Program & Files and deleted every possible 'Enscape' folder located in User folder - App Data - Programs folder

    I started new installation ( advanced - install for all users). A Pop Up check window came up saying that version 2.6 was uninstalled and It was telling me that Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) - 14.25.28508 was missing (which was little bit weird after deleting all the Enscape folder I have found ), so this time I have installed the missing Visual C++ and restarted my computer. The instillation was successful and Esncape 2.7.1 is now running with Archicad 21,22,23



    Hi Demian,

    Unfortunately it doesn't work when installed for all users. I have also tried it on AC22 and the Enscape 2.7 Add-On is missing. I have rolled back to 2.6 and this works fine. Screenshot below from the Add-On manager with version 2.6 installed.


    I have installed Enscape 2.7 with Archicad 21 8002. Now the Enscape menu is not available and the Enscape Add-On is missing from Archicad. I have to go back to version 2.6 to be able to use Enscape. I cannot send you the logs via Feedback button because I cannot access the Enscape Menu

    Please see screenshot of the missing Add-On in Archicad and Enscape log attached from the computer




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    I think this feature would be priceless.

    Not every Enscape user is professional photographer and image composition is super important. Having a feature where you can turn on "Composition Grid" would be amazing.

    The composition grid feature would have different grid options:

    - Rule of Thirds

    - One Point Perspective

    - Centering

    - Verticals

    - Eye Level View - just a horizontal line at the height of the user eye

    I have taken the examples from Alex Hogrefe websites (super useful website)


    Barbora :thumbsup:,


    ArchiCAD Version21 (8002) (soon 23)