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    i really liked in the previous version of Enscape there was a background with grass and sky. Very simple and worked really well for me. Is there a chance to apply it somehow in the latest version? I'd much rather see the ground green than black as it's now. (see the first picture) I don't really like the backgrounds built into Enscape and I don't wanna waste my time finding proper hdri pictures as it's not my field of interest. However, the black ground catches your eye and doesn't look natural.

    Another question is regarding the fact that not all of the objects are visible in Enscape. There is moulding by the ceiling, but it's actually not visible at all and is merging with wall and ceiling. I used the trick with the moulding on the wall by pulling back a strip of the wall to create a shadow around it, but it's not really the ideal workaround. Any idea how to see more shadows around these objects? I attached an image showing how it looks in Enscape and two views from the Sketchup model.

    I'll hit into this topic just to ask one quick question. I hope Shaun won't mind that :)

    Will I be able to install Enscape with a student license on another computer (when I finally buy one...) if I start using the license on my current notebook?

    I have an university project that needs to be done immediately and Enscape would be really helpful right now but I wouldn't like to lose an opportunity to use it when I switch PCs...