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    Good to know about the versions.

    We are using camera synchronization. I take it that leaving that feature off will be the best way to get reproducible renders. Much appreciated.

    At my office we are using enscape for sketchup to do our renderings. We've noticed that when two different people try and render with the same settings from the same scene there are different results, usually one view will be slightly more zoomed in. This is disrupting workflow.

    Enscape is on one machine and is on the other. Would this be the cause of the problem, and are we going to get the same inconsistencies as we update later on down the road?

    Recently I was browsing the RPC test file Enscape provides and I noticed something unusual. The people in the native revit and the enscape environments don't match. Not only that but there were several that showed up in neither. Anyone know what's going on here? And what would happen if I tried to create my own RPC?