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    Just an update, This solution worked but the problem is that sketchup becomes slow and it shuts down while using it for a minute and also the other apps like autocad becomes slow, but i found a solution where you will need an external monitor, then open the sketchup on the external monitor and then use enscape on the laptops monitor. But still this is not a permanent solution and its kind of hassle when you need to turn on and off your laptops on board graphics just because you want to use enscape, or need to connect to an external monitor just because you need to use enscape, sketchup and autocad simultaneously...

    Hi Demian, thanks for your reply but i would like to ask if your team are planning to release some patch or fix to address this enscape problem since I'm not the only one facing this issue right now. Thank you.

    When i tried opening enscape it just goes to 5% and then it closes as you can see in the attached video. I have the latest version of enscape and i also tried using a lower version of enscape, Already tried updating my laptop's gpu driver, even rolling it back to lower version, i even tried to reinstall enscape and sketchup but it doesnt changed the problem. I have a dealine this friday and it sucks that the problem shows at this moment. Hope you can help me solve this problem. Also attached the specs of my laptop for reference.