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    But for images, I still believe a different approach is necessary.

    Yes. Attributes in Rhino for the Named View that enscape will write and read.


    Key: FOV, Value: 60

    Key: Saturation, Value: 30

    So then you have everything in the 3dm file, exactly as you wish, also correlated nicely with the rhino named views.

    Hmm, not sure how easy would be for one software so save information in another's software file format, it would need some development from McNeel.

    But, I can imagine Enscape picking up some attributes which are already in Rhino.
    Some are saved in the 3dm file and picked up by enscape for camera synchronization. For example:

    Camera position, Fov.

    Moving further, I see that Rhino6 has the "Attribute user text" in place for geometry. So for geometry I could setup any information to be picked up by any software.

    If they setup attributes for named views or cameras in Rhino then the process could be quite clean. Enscape would write those attributes in the 3dm file and read them later.

    Well I organize by view, let's say I have one view: Building entrance, and 3 presets for it Morning, Mid day, Evening.

    So then if I have an adjustment of the camera: Building entrance v2, I just save the view and I use the same presets for the time of the day from before.

    So I don't have to make another set of presets for my second camera.

    It could also happen that someone else might want to use the Morning preset for a completely different camera.


    In many situations several people work on the same design and images must look the same for a coherent presentation.

    So usually we send to each other the xml files from C:\Users\“username” \Documents\Enscape\Settings

    This workflow is not so great though. Once some adjustment is done then the files have to be copied again.

    So could you place the xml file in the enscape cloud and make it sharable somehow between users?

    Thank you!

    Bogdan , our latest preview already includes additional vegetation from evermotion. :) Check it out!

    I saw it and thought It was looking very similar to the one from evermotion. Many architecture rendering companies use vegetation from there. so you could actually check out their websites and see which trees are most commonly used. Also adding the latin name of the plants will help landscape designers a lot.

    Could you also add very tall grass as an enscape featrure, something like evermotion - archmodels vol126?

    Hi Pete Chamberlain ,

    I'm quite confused. UV mapping in R6 seems to work well. I also see that most of the time it gets picked up by Enscape without problems.

    Only in some particular cases it fails, and in the file attached you may find one of these cases.

    This makes me think that it might be a bug maybe in relation to the XYZ position of the mapping widget?

    Thanks for looking into this!


    I think it's quite complicated to get to a decent library of vegetation and furniture, that's why custom proxies could be very useful.

    For furniture, a decent library example is . And that's because they have objects that can be purchased in reality. So furniture for some interior design, for example, can be chosen in relation to cost, etc.

    This is useful in architecture when some slight changes in facade angles, for example, are important for our design. So when we do a mass study, eye level, or diagrams, we lose these edges.

    But recently for these purposes I replaced Enscape with Rhino6 Arctic display mode, which shows all edges.

    Still i would like to have it in enscape as well.