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    Could you please increase the camera movement speed max value. Sometimes I look at the building from far away and it takes too much tome to rotate around it. I know I can sync with Rhino camera, but it's nicer to move in Enscape.

    Thank you!

    Yes, Micha ! Clipping planes that don't affect light would be a great addition. Especially when rendering interiors and building sections.

    Jonathan Knoefel, thanks!

    Another suggestion would be to have two light studies: one that shows the radiation and another that shows direct sunlight.


    I need a light analysis in plan view, for an apartment, to see how the rooms are lit. Exactly what Light view does, but in plan view.

    Is it possible? Somehow to bake the light analysis maybe, and then to see it from top view?

    Here's an example:

    Thank you!

    Hi Thomas,

    Yes, I'm looking from a huge distance because I need a small FOV, because my diagram should be axonometric.

    When I get closer the outlines show up.

    But then, how do I get an axo view (like 10deg) while still having the outlines?


    I'm trying to make diagrams with enscape but not all the edges are visible. Some are partially visible, as you can see in the case of the box sitting on the plane.

    Is it possible to have them all visible? Or to control the minimum distance or angle from which they start to disappear ?

    Micha ,

    Rhino 6 is an option to consider just because it handles complex geometry much faster than 5.

    Even if I create a display mode in wireframe and use it for linked blocks (as suggested in "A few more general questions"), I still have a lot of wires. Using proxies is a lot more userfriendly, any Vray user knows that.

    People suggested proxies for Rhino to the Rhino dev team a long time ago... maybe more that 5 years and it is on their tracklist but without any progress.

    Pieter , I voted on the roadmap.... can't wait to render forests like in Crysis


    The monthly or yearly licenses are good for companies but not as friendly for personal use.

    I would like to use Enscape at home to test ideas and do some sketches from time to time, but I will not use it more that 5 or 6 days per month so it's not worth paying.

    Will you consider another type of licence based on usage time?

    For example, it could be a prepaid 200 hours of usage.

    Thanks for considering!

    Hello Jonathan, Herbo.

    You were right about the k2000, it's really slow. I tested on 940M, on my small surface book and it works a lot better!

    Camera movements were fluent even with 25 trees. It started to slow down when I added up to 50.

    Rhino 5 though handled the meshes a lot worse even in wireframe mode.

    Do you have any plans to introduce proxy objects to speed up things even more?

    [Blocked Image:]


    I noticed this problem and I thought to report it here.

    If I have several blocks in the model, all of them into one layer. The geometry inside is also in the same layer.

    If I apply a material by layer in Rhino, it doesn't change inside Enscape window, not until I open and close it, or, not until I open a block instance and close it back.