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    I found a workaround for scaling a placeholder geometry after you've placed an asset in a Revit model, and then change its scale. Initially only the asset within Enscape's render view automatically adjusts its scale. This leaves the placeholder geometry stuck at the incorrect scale in Revit. The way to fix this is you have to use the Project Browser to open "Familes," scroll down to "Plantings" and then find the specific asset. Now delete it and reupload the asset from Enscape's Asset Library. This time, the placeholder geometry will have updated itself.

    I've downloaded an FBX file from Globe Plants, but when I import it into the Enscape Asset Library (using the Revit Plugin version) it doesn't automatically assign the textures. I saw in another thread (User path issue with Globe Plants) that it's possible to locate the downloaded files in a folder on the C-Drive for Enscape to be able to automatically assign the textures. My question is where exactly should I place the downloaded files? I'm not having any luck trying to figure it out on my own.