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    Hi there,

    Ever since I installed encape 4, enscape and sketchup keeps crashing. I have both sketchup 23 and 24, and both are extremely unstable.

    Where can I find Enscape 3 so I can hopefully back to my normal workflow again where it doesnt crash every ten minutes or so?

    Or does anyone know a solution for this? Because it's really annoying. Usually Enscape only crashed with Encape Objects, but now it just randomly stops and even sketchup too.


    Oh sorry, I filled in the error in Sketchup, I am not able to send the crash report in Enscape, because before that it shows again this window above, and then crashes after I fill in my name.

    Hi there,

    I just started downloading Sketchup pro (trial) and Enscape (trial). Sketchup seems to be working just fine, but when I open Enscape the app Crashes

    I see this error. I already updated my Nvidea driver. I also send two crash reports already including my name + email.

    How can I solve this?