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    Is the new preview version only available for certain people or is it up and ready for download? Is it not a new patch or update since it is just a preview?

    I currently am working off the the geforce GTX 1070. I currently have a model of an interior office floor. I have included all of the desks, chairs, and office components as proxies. I have everything textured and placed where I want it. I am viewing it in VR for the first time. I am using the Oculus Rift. It is very laggy and also many of the textures are flickering. I get real sick real quick when walking around with the xbox controller. I am wondering if there are any settings that I can adjust to get the best VR experience possible. I have an upgraded graphics card so not sure if this is it. Does internet quality come into play at all? Our internet at our office is not the greatest. I looked throughout the forums and never saw a thread that breaksdown the best VR options and settings. Is there a link to any blogs or posts that will inform me?


    The product I have created looks incredible just wanting to have the same effect in VR if possible.

    I was wondering if there was a way to create scenes while moving around in the enscape render window? I struggle to pan around within sketchup to create my start and stop locations for my video. I run into walls and the camera is zoomed in way too much. So half of the close up materials get cut off. When I maneuver around in the enscape window I am able to fly through walls and create more efficient start and stop locations. But I am not able to relay or burn the images back into sketchup. WIthout this option then it is impossible to make revisions and adjustments since you would have to re-create all of these start and stop positions. I hope this all makes sense.



    Thank you all for the responses. I was able to turn the compr quality to maximum. At 60 fps and 11 seconds before the patch it was rendering at 1.75 hours. Now with the new patch at the same settings it renders at 40 mins cutting the render time in half. Well done boys. My renders are looking really good and you all are killing it. I love the program and will use it in every project that I can.

    Hello y'all. I am new to enscape. I am creating my first video. I have a quick question if someone would want to help. I am curious on what settings to have on to create the best quality of video with the shortest render time. But I do not want to diminish the quality of the video tho. So I would rather have longer render times for quality. Can someone help me with this?