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    I am also experiencing similar issues with 3.1. Working with a pretty large scene in Sketchup (100MB) and was trying to use 3.1. I was dealing with constant crashes in Enscape, which then crashes Sketchup. I could barely get out 3-4 renders in a batch and it would freeze/crash.

    I also noticed that the rendered versions of the images looked noticeably worse than the live view, to the point where I was using the windows clipping tool to screenshot images from the live view. Other issues were the water motion/wind would never stop moving, even though Restmode is enabled. Also light leak seemed to be much worse.

    I am using a Titan RTX card, so VRAM shouldn't be an issue. However, based on the response I received from the Enscape team when I submitted an error report my VRAM is maxing out. I tried a number of things suggested by the team but none of them fixed the problem. I ended up reverting back to 3.0 and everything works fine.

    It's very odd because I was just recently using 3.0 on a much larger scene with absolutely no issues. Hoping its just an issue with 3.1 and not indicative of future builds...

    UPDATE: I have multiple machines in which I can run Enscape and one of my other machines is a non-RTX card (2 SLI Linked 1070ti). While slower it seems to not have the crashing/memory issue I have with my Titan RTX. The other issues I mentioned are mostly resolved as well. The only issue I am still seeing is the Restmode constantly stopping and refreshing every few seconds.


    We are having the same issue here, but it is not limited to VR. It is visible in all glass throughout the project on computers with Nvidia 1080s and 1080 Tis. One of our machines with a Quadro card couldn't reproduce the issue. All of our drivers are up to date. It seems most severe in areas where glass is in front of other glass e.g. a shower stall glass, the Cylinder drum of a glass light fixture, jars. See examples below. We are working towards an animation deadline and a quick response would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,