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    Thank you very much! Yes, this helped a lot!

    I see you are very well my opinion, that is solid foundation for every project.

    If I've done the math right, that is around 75 hours of work...that doesn't sound bad as it would take me at least double (if I would know what I'm doing :$) for this amount of detail.

    I am familiar with those extensions you mentioned for UV texturing, but I found them all hard to handle...a lot of trial and error's wich can be frustrating and time consuming/:-) . So, when you catch some time, please, cover that topic in more detail.

    Everything else is pretty much clear...I think :-)

    Once certainly have my vote. I wish you best of luck! deserve it! :-D

    How heavy is your model? How much time did it take you from start to finish? I would like to know more about your method of texturing complex models...that is what I always struggle with. Do you model everything in separate files and then copy/paste it in composition file? How do you set up your lights? I have so many questions... If you could make the whole start-to-finish "making of" tutorial that would be awsome! I think that everybody here would like to see it... If you want to become a master, you have to learn from the best! ;-)

    Hello Herbo!

    I read this forum for a wile, but I had never leave a comment, actualy, I have just posted my first post a couple of days ago...but man...I just can't ignore this one! First of all, I can't see how could anyone beat you in this contest. Despite the fact that I have seen many beautifull renders and good ideas so far, you just have it all. This is perfection in every posible way - idea, composition, textures, models, atmosphere, post work...and that sarcastic story after all. You have my honest appreciation for everything you have done! Please, share as many "making off-s" as you can...modeling, mapping, tools and extensions used...I want to learn it!

    You already have that RTX...the rest of us will fight for the rest. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    It's the end of the year and all I wish for is to get away from the city, traffic jams, shopping malls… and find my peaceful moment in some magic place. In my dreams, there's just a creek… I hope you can hear it.

    I wish everybody some quiet time with your families. Merry Christmas and happy new year!


    And of course… best of luck in the contest! :) Greetings from Croatia!

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