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    Hi Demian, I has been unsuccessful when it comes to get the Custom Asset to work

    I have tried the 3 different formats (the .gltf I did from Blender) I have 3 days remaining on my trial version today.

    Can you guide me or point out a guide that will guide me step by step (or an existing asset that I can test this with..)?

    "Only the file formats; *.gltf, *.obj or *.fbx can be imported to the Custom Asset Library. As these constitute the most common cross-platform industry standard formats, a model that can be converted to one of these formats can, in theory, be imported into the Custom Asset Library."

    Regards - Lasse

    Hi Demian,

    I can now test the preview version a bit more for some additional days.

    Since I now have been able to do the configuration (no freeze) :)

    I will continue testing and I can't promise that I don't return to you upon any further questions :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Regards -Lasse

    Hi Damian, fyi.

    Unfortunately med trial period ended just after I hade made the installation of the preview version.

    However I manage to see some of the new menu items, but no test.

    I discussed the need of the 'Custom assets' and more with Enscape support during my trial version, and yesterday I received the link and then you gave me the link

    (I didn't manage to test this in time).

    I will probably ask to get another week of trial.