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    I was running an older (about 3 years) Dell Precision 7510, also with Nvidia M2200 and I had also problems all the time.

    Since about a week we have been upgrading to a brandnew Dell Precision 7550 with a Quadro RTX 5000 - so far everything is ok. Since for me the topic "walkthrough" is meaningless so far, I don't have any experience to this pecific point. But to render (even videos) at the maximum edge of what is possible runs incredibly fast and stable now ;-)
    Note: incredibly stupid is that the guys from Dell have decided that the function keys (F1 to F12) are unimportant somehow (at least with my new notebook) - these have been relegated to the 2nd keyboard row and are only available in combination with the FN key X(:cursing::thumbdown: For users of professional software (Adobe Bundle etc. etc.) a real catastrophy and only for people with bios experience a problem to solve...


    Thanks for your reply. To be clear, are you saying your new 7550 is running fine and you would suggest going with buying new laptop? What's your experience when it comes to eGPU (external GPU enclosure with desktop graphic card. e.g Razer Core X)?

    Hi tobiasolsen

    I know this thread is over a year old. Our office mainly has Dell Precision 7510, 7520, 7530 and 7540. I currently have 7520 with Nvidia M2200 + intel card. I am curious to hear your experience on using the eGPU for rendering/walkthrough in Enscape. Is this worth investing? or should just get a better laptop? Do you have to try many workarounds to get it to work?



    I have done some research but don't see a lot of result to know about this. Has anyone had any experience buying a external graphic card enclosure (eGPU) and a desktop graphic card to use it for Enscape? We have mainly laptops as work computer in the office. I am wondering if it could be a good idea to have an external GPU to boost the productivity of using Enscape. I know eGPU is still a fairly new technology so I wanted to see if this could be a good way to use this instead of buying a new computer. We have Dell precision. My understanding is as long as there is a thunderbolt USB-C cable to connect to the laptop, that should work with the enclosure (both Razer and ASUS works).

    Many of our projects are mid size to large scale. I feel like I could use more powerful graphic card to help increasing the productivity.

    Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

    Thank you.