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    We've had an issue since version 3.5 upwards, details of which are recorded under support ticket 150544. The issue described below was never resolved but we were told would be addressed in the next update. I've just tested on the preview and it seems it is still happening, I was just wondering if you have seen this behaviour.

    Using Rhino7 in certain models when launching Enscape the folder C:\users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\McNeel\Rhinoceros\V7\Texture$Cache$ slowly builds with black and white tiff files. Once complete the Enscape window shows the model. The issue here is two things. for example in the model I just tested (which admittedly is large) this cache grew to 105GB so Enscape takes a long time to load whilst this happens but also if the user has limited disk space the machine grinds to a halt.

    Should be said I don't know if this is an Enscape or Rhino issue but it doesn't happen if I downgrade to Enscape version 3.4.4 but every version since has the issue. Thought I'd mention here in case others are experiencing similar and whether it is at all being addressed.


    EDIT: had an update from support since posting, so for the benefit of anyone experiencing the same thing, this is a known issue resolved in Enscape 4 in Rhino 8 only. Can confirm I have tested Enscape 4 (preview) in an evaluation copy of Rhino 8 and the issue does not occur.