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    Nothing else quite sums up a great year for me like spending time with family at our country home, in the country-side. It is always filled with fun, dancing, singing, storytelling and, finally, watching amazing fireworks display from the nearby mountains.

    This year’s vacation was quite special because Grandpa and Grandma joined us and it was such a pleasure having them around.

    In total, we were 12 including Valeria’s boyfriend, Raymond, Connor’s girlfriend, Anargul and Ms. Jesenia, Maud’s home-school teacher. We have grown to love Ms. Jesenia as part of our big family and we’ve learnt lots about her interesting culture.

    I helped decorate and set up the dining space overlooking the mountains, for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Eventually, I was totally fatigued when the New Year clocked in.

    The ambiance of our vacation home never fails in captivating me. I hope you like this rendering of how we clocked in the New Year by the "Midnight Sun".

    Try spotting me, Valeria, Raymond, Ms. Jesenia, Fintle, our lazy cat and, oh yes!, the yacht docked in the mountains.

    I forever look forward to these days.


    --- --- ---

    And here we are, in 2020; I wish us all, "Enscapers", a good one!!!