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    NIce work but I missed the pizza! Would sure be a nice place to sit back and enjoy one.

    Would really be neat if there was a way to animate the water spouts/fountains.

    A little late.........I thought I had submitted this post yesterday. Would love to see the animated textures...........

    As I said in the SketchUcation forum: Nice Work :thumbsup:

    I really need to learn how to add some decent backgrounds to my work. I did see in that you can now use "emissive" but I cannot do anything because my trial expired. :(

    I had previously viewed your movie on my iPad and liked it but what I saw here was even more impressive. Looking forward to you future posts.

    t seems to me that this product has some great potential. Looking forward to what they accomplish in the future.

    BTW: I thought the glass in this movie was good. You can see through it clearly and yet there was some good reflections.

    You should be able to do this by going into the Extension Manager, selecting the Enscape extension, expand it if you are using 2017, and then click the Uninstall tag.

    TowerPower that is a really interesting VR. Especially the animations. I am pretty sure that was not done in SketchUp. What tool did you use? I would like to be able to render that type of animation and animated texture in SketchUp & Enscape.

    I am not sure that I see VR as a driving force in the business community as a way to provide walk troughs' or product presentations but in the entertainment field I would definitely agree.

    I got it to work by:

    1. Uninstall using the Extension Warehouse.
    2. Close down SketchUp
    3. Restart SketchUp
    4. Install Extension

    Do not try to use the update feature in the Extension Warehouse. For some reason that does not work. Also do not try to uninstall and then install in the same SketchUp session. I found that the two operations have to be done in two separate sessions.

    Hope that helps...........

    OK - I have a mask but I do not know how to use it. I do not have Photoshop. I am using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

    What would be awesome and may I suggest a feature is making the exported image already masked, so background is clipped already, like most render engines, and also having that available for animations as I'd like that for basic product turntable style animations (basic spin which I another feature for the future, creating a 360 degree camera around a target)

    Solo, I think we are kind of on the same page here. I would like to be able to present show a product in a 360 degree format on a web page (not a movie).

    You should use a fixed exposure to make the background really white, instead of grey.

    What do you mean by fixed exposure? I do not see any setting anywhere for that.......

    Another solution would be to export a screenshot with a normal sky and check the checkbox to include a background mask. You can then simply replace the background in Photoshop with real (1,1,1) white or whatever you like.

    I do not have Photoshop so I tried with Xara but when I open the png file I only see one layer so I could not accomplish changing the background.

    Solo, I understand and agree with your statement as well.

    I think for what I am trying to do with this type of image, Enscape is not going to be the solution (at least for the near future). I want to be able to build a catalog of all of the equipment we have to offer that will allow me to show each piece of equipment in a 3D environment on a web page.

    I do think there is a tremendous amount of potential for showing various completed car washes and/or layouts with walk through capabilities though.

    That said, I would suggest that you take all of this stuff I have added under this thread and move it somewhere more appropriate. It does not belong in the Gallery.

    Well - here is my latest render.

    Couple of things I would like:

    • I would like to be able to produce a set of images of our equipment like this but without a sky. Just a colored or transparent background but with the lighting line is in this image.
    • I would then like to give the user the ability to view this in full 3D (rotate, pan, zoom).
    • I would like to be able to add some text or descriptive information (not the highest priority though).

    Like Nielven , can't wait for upcoming versions to "see what is next".

    Some great questions Solo.

    As I have said before, I would also like to see some participation in the SketchUcation and SketchUp forums. If you want to sell the product to the SketchUp community, you need to be a more active participant. :)