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    Yes, I just tried to update to the latest version (released today) but it did not work so I did the same thing. Uninstalled, changed the .zip file name to .rbz, then was able to install new version.

    Whish they would publish what is changed so we could test the updated/new features. I did notice in this version that the progress bar when creating a video is back though. Have no idea yet what else may have changed.

    I was not talking about any type of animation when I mentioned Section Cut. At this point Enscape does not recognize a Section Cut in SketchUp. Maybe there is a different term in Revit that I am not aware of.

    Here is an example of what I am talking about:

    On the left is the SketchUp viewport and you can see the section cut. On the right is what I see in the Enscape window.

    To follow along with Solo's questions:

    1. Are there any plans to support Layers (in particular, turning them off) and scene animations in the future?

    2. I also am curious if there are any plans for supporting WebGL in the future (kind of like Sketchfab)? I would like to be able to share your render on a web site without the user having to have anything installed on their device other than a web browser.

    3. What about section cuts?

    4. Will you support any video types other that MP4?

    The quality (e.g. Ultra) has nothing to do with the resolution. For a crisper image, enhance the resolution to something like 2000 pixels.

    Usually, you should leave global illumination enabled when exporting a video, panorama or screenshot. Disabling it only saves performance.

    OK, I messed with the resolution and here is the latest version (I also adjusted a couple of the materials).

    Still a little pixelated but it is an improvement. Need to keep experimenting until I learn how to do it better :)

    Stupid Me.......I just found the other toolbar. It is Enscape Capturing

    Before, it was all one toolbar. :thumbsup:

    There should be a bright red glow around from my embarrassed face that can be seen around the world.

    I updated to the latest alpha version earlier today and now I cannot generate any output. All of the icons are gone ?(

    Here is the toolbar I now see:

    Notice that the image, stand alone & video icons are all missing.

    When I start SketchUp, I get a message from the Extension Warehouse that says there is an update available for the Enscape plugin but when I click on the Update button, nothing happens.