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    Similar issues here with users trying to use Enscape with Revit 2018, 2019. I have tried numerous things. This issue is that Revit enters "not responding" after render is initiated. I have tried the Revit Basic Sample model hangs in all views. I then tried to render the very basic Revit family stool model and Sample Structural model, both will render. The issues persist with anything beyond "really basic models"

    Issues tested and are seen on mulitple PC's with latest Enscape 2.6.1.x and latest Nvidia video drivers. Issues exist on other PC's even with older 2.5.x Enscape and older Nvidia video drivers. Issues persist logged in as different user profiles. Issues persist after AV uninstall. Issues persist after Windows 12/26 1906 feature update removed. I have rolled back version of video drivers and Enscape and issues persist. Not sure what else to try at this point. Feedback has also been submitted.