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    There are indeed some differences when it comes to rendering either a screenshot or a video. Thus, you may also want to go into our Image tab in the Visual Settings and dial down the Contrast of the Shadows through the available second slider from the top.

    Let me know if that doesn't do the trick.

    Thanks. Its help me!

    Yes, it's much better. but the question is still: will be enough rtx 2080 for Ultra on such a project (

    do I need to buy 2080 for ultra or is it still not enough?

    so? can you test one of "Enscape Sample Project"? what fps you have on ultra? is it comortable on ultra with your GPU?


    This definitely depends on a lot of things, including what does your project look like (e.g. lot's of light sources are expensive to render), what HMD you're using (their image resolution varies significantly). For less complex projects a GTX1080ti should be absolutely sufficient to run Enscape in VR on medium settings, for others in won't. The RTX2080 will give you much better performance in any case, but since you're absolutely free to build a scene of huge complexity there might be scenarios where you won't achieve fluent performance even with RTX2080, yes. The difference to games is, that they can optimize specifically for their levels and have a lot more restrictions in contrast to Enscape.

    Yes the RTX2080 will be significantly better. It will however most likely also not provide smooth performance on larger projects on quality Ultra. This quality level should mostly be considered for still renderings and not VR unless you don't care about performance or do have super fast machine and performance optimized project.

    Thanks for the reply!

    So, I don't want to spend a lot of money on RTX2080 and get the same thing)

    can such projects like ( run in ultra on 2080 with normal fps (70-90)?

    VR is much more demanding than regular on screen rendering, since Enscape has to do most of the computations twice, once for each eye. Also perceived stuttering is much higher when inside a HMD, than when looking at a screen. In VR you usually want to have 60-90FPS, on screen for a use case like Enscape usually 25-30fps is sufficient.

    So? if it can't run on 1080ti, 2080 will be better??? can I run it on ultra at all??? what GPU i need?

    What fps will be on 2080 super for such projects on Ultra Settings in VR(оr 2070 super)?

    Thanks, I'll test it again. So, it's no need for 1080ti or 2080ti (with 11GB). What fps will be on 2080 super for such projects on Ultra Settings in VR(оr 2070 super)?

    (I apologize for English I write through a translator)

    Hi. I just bought a Vive PRO. I ran your Free Sample Projects "residence" and got 20 FPS in Draft Quality in VR (I have a gtx1070). Help, which card is needed for Ultra Settings in VR (minimum) for such projects? What is more important to have faster GPU (rtx2070, rtx2080) or more GB of GPU RAM (gtx1080ti) and got 60 FPS and more?

    Just an update for anyone looking into this in the future...

    After reinstalling all Vive apps, everything ended up working without issues.

    karies128 not sure what you are referring to as far as "computer features". Do you mean the specs of the pc?

    Yes, the specs of the pc!!!))) (I apologize for the English I write with the help of a translator)

    • I apologize that not on a subject. what computer features do you use for vive pro with enscape?