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    I had this same issue in the latest Enscape update. I was using offline assets and after the upgrade some of the assets I use commonly could not be found. I unchecked the Use Offline Assets and they showed back up. I then removed all of my offline asset folders and re checked the Use Offline Assets box to download everything fresh.

    Same here, I'll submit feedback as well. Looks like there is high network latency between me and Lots of requst timeout when looking at ping or tracert between US and the EU amazon server.

    Same issue as original post. Enscape just sits at loading screen. If I kill this screen and try to restart Enscape won't even launch the loading screen. Was working fine end of Dec. around the 19th. I'm on SU Pro version 19.3.253 64bit on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. Enscape version 2.6.1+1326

    I also just tried to uninstall and reinstall and problem still exists. I also tried moving back to 2.6.0 and that didn't work either.

    Update, some of my older models load into Enscape fine but the latest couple of projects have the issue.