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    Im not sure if this will fix your issues, but rhino tends to not import textures correctly 1to1. So you have map the texture to (surface,volume, etc).

    Click on the object your are trying to map, and you will see in properties 4 icons. Properties, Materials, and Texture map.

    Click on texture map and that will give you few options depending on type of material you are trying to adjust texture. Once the dialogs are over you should see a new options when you click the texture map icon again. Here you can adjust the tiling of the material as well as the seams.

    Likewise in sketchup, click your bucket tool and go down to adjust tiling of water.

    As a product i think Enscape has done great strives in it short time it has implemented sketchup and rhino. It still feels slightly behind revit, and hopefully the material editor comes quickly enough. Being able to adjust material and light parameters is often the difference between a "good render" and a "final render". Also its good to know the work pipeline shows they are working on some form to export different outputs such as Material ID, etc..

    Once all these features are implemented along with its price point it will really be a good overall program. Currently we use it for schematic phase where we need to show some progress and get the client to visualize the space.

    For final production renders we still switching into Corona, Photoshop, and 3dsmax.