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    In the older versions, I was able to install Enscape and all users would be able to use it with Revit and SketchUp.

    Now, we are installing and it appears that Enscape is user specific?

    Can someone guide me to getting it installed for all users?

    We are a community college so multiple users use the same computer.

    I "think" I've figured it out.

    I just did the default install...

    So it installed to \Users\administrator\App data\Local\Programs

    We dont copy the admin profile during sysprep so that's why the program disappeared.

    This time I clicked advanced and chose the All users option...

    I'm capturing the image now.

    Thanks for speedy reply...and yes..I updated to v 2.9

    I'm a lab administrator for our college.

    I have my master image in audit mode.

    I have installed Revit 2019, Sketchup 2020, and ArchiCAD 24.

    I installed Enscape 2.8.2 and verified it worked in all 3 programs.

    I syspreped the computer.

    I then capture that image with Ivanti Landesk.

    I deploy that syspreped image to my lab of computers and Enscape is missing.

    It is not in any of the programs and it is no longer in Add/remove Programs.

    Any suggestions?


    We are a Community College with an Architecture program.

    I am the IT guy.

    The lab has Dell Precision 3620 towers with 16GB of RAM.

    CPU is 6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6 700 (Quad Core 3.40GHz, 4.0Ghz Turbo, 8MB, w/ HD Graphics 53 0)

    Current video card is a Quadro K620.

    We have about $500/card to spend.

    I was thinking about an RTX2070 but from what I found the power requirements are at least a 550W power supply.

    These towers have a 290W power supply.

    They teach Revit and Sketch-Up with Enscape.

    Can someone recommend a video card in that price point?