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    It would really great if the web standalone worked on the iphone / ipad with open GL. I tried to enable this under safari experimental feature but it still doesn't work. Similarly a standalone iOS Viewer app which allows for the better quality viewing would be great.

    It would be great to take these models to contractors / clients on site to show them possible solutions and ideas. Currently you need a PC which isnt very useful remotely. The better quality version (not web standalone) would be great, or web standalone quality can be improved?:)


    It would be great if the time of day data was saved with the named views with an on/off toggle. Currently we have to manually move the daytime with keys to match a similar time. This makes it challenging when doing various options from different stages of a project. Also the ability to enter the time of day manually to be exactly the same for the view rather than trying to toggle it with the keys and never getting the same time exactly..

    I am also having issues with this. Rhino enscape block don't seem to work correctly with layering or heavy files. You think they exist on one layer but actually when you type blockedit they exist on an original layer you placed them on even if you move them to a new layer. You then have to individually block edit each individual block instance to correct it to the layer you want. The issue is compounded if you want to copy assets between files as it then becomes messy and you cannot purge it out as the layer you thought nothing exists upon actually contains all of the blocks. This wouldnt be too much of an issue but sometimes the blocks show in rhino but not enscape. There seems to be a fundamental issue with assets and block management in Rhino. If i worksession multiple files with the same assets inside from different files it crashes my enscape. Perhaps it is to do with the block name being duplicate? Enscape is barely usuable in it's current state on my large scale project which is very frustrating...