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    Hi All,

    This is a weird one, I have been using clothworks the sketchup plugin to create blankets and cloths for my furniture models and noticed that whenever I try to export the model as an Enscape proxy, this option is not there but works for all other objects. It seems like anything made using clothworks is not able to be exported as an Enscape proxy. Can anyone shed some light on this and if they have found a workaround? Enscape proxies are a must in any scene as they obviously do not cause heavy scenes.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for a great update team. I just have a few questions / comments.

    1. The glass shaders seem to all be frosted or textured? Can we have clear glass?

    2. If there is a way to still be able to click on the model whilst the Inscape material library window is open like the Enscape material editor.


    Wonderful, thank you for confirming.

    Hi All,

    I was walking a client of mine through their project in Enscape and they asked me the height / length / width of various elements in their design and I had to repeatedly switch back to Archicad to give them that dimension, I think it would be really beneficial to have a feature where you can measure lengths / areas etc within the Enscape viewer. Just a point to point measurement will suffice and will go a long way I think in improving the presentations we make to our clients.

    If this feature does already exist, I apologies and please remove this thread but I haven't been able to find it and I'm using Enscape 3.0.


    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to Enscape and have only had the time to work with it on a few of my projects. I would like to come better at it and I would like to develop and hone my skills. I'm currently working on a case study. attached is an image and mood that I would like to replicate in Enscape and re-create myself. I would like some help about lightings, settings and whatever else that will allow me to achieve a similar result to this reference image.

    I have looked online for tutorials and tried to read around the forum but I'm still not getting the results I'm after.

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm also looking to invest in the Oculus Quest but only if it is compatible with Enscape. I don't merely plan on using it for gaming but rather a tool to showcase my designs to my clients using Enscape. I think to do that, it will not only help me get my projects over the line with my clients and ultimately win more clients, but it will also revolutionize the architectural industry.

    I hope the Enscape team can incorporate this new technology very soon.