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    I can open this one! it only with the panorama's i made myself... i'm using the most recent enscape version: 2.9.0+32212

    Is the panorama to detailed? are you able to open in on an ios-device? im currently using ios 14.2 on an iphone 11 pro.

    Also i tried it on my mobile network, at the office network and at home.

    *Edit: The panorama's are made in sketchup btw... maybe this has something to do with it?*


    I'm having issues with viewing a panorama on an iphone.. I receive an error and the page will not load. i only get the message: Er heeft zich herhaaldelijk een probleem voorgedaan op ''.

    When opening on PC the link works, and on a samsung its also able to open it! I'm able to open it 1 time on the iphone when i just reboot the iphone...

    Anyone got a sollution for this?!


    When using the 2.7 version i tried to use the BIM mode with linked models in Revit 2019.2. The information is shown in the overview list but when i select an object from a linked model it wont open the needed info. The image below i selecten something that is placed in the model i opend and the correct info is shown.

    Next image i selected something from a linked model and the list will not open the info...

    Would be a bummer if it could not show the info from linked models when you select the object.

    For me its not possible to bind all links as we have allmost 20-ish models linked and get weekly updates.