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    Hello, thank you for your answer.

    I have actually already tried having that on and off, without much noticeable difference.

    Is there any other setting /solution I should test?

    Hey asyc13 thanks for your report. This is not what it should look like. Which Enscape version & Renderer settings was the second image rendered with?


    Hello Clemens Musterle, many thanks for looking into this.

    I share screenshots of the render settings. Both images were pretty much identical with the setting, but I believe some adjustment on the exposure and the sun direction.

    The CAD program is Vectorworks 2024 Update 2 (Build 731261), and Enscape 3.5.6+204048. I also just tried with the preview 4, in case that improves it, but had no luck.

    I also tried to delete the southern half of the model to see if it is a file size issue (the total model is around 1GB, and when I deleted half, it was around 545 MB), but the result was the same. The model is built on the vectorworks origin too. I cannot use auto exposure, because the lighting quality between a series of panorama that I have to make are then noticeably different, and we need control of the consistent/same lighting condition for all 22 renders.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated, as we are to publicize this virtual tour to the public soon and these end results are not acceptable to submit.


    It is 2024 and it looks like this lighting bands issue still persists.

    Is there any other solution to this? It is strange because until I was modelling last week, this issue did not exist.

    The only changes between last week and now is more people and furnishings. (I attach both for comparison)

    Prompt help for this issue would be greatly appreciated.