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    I don't see Cross-platform support happening anytime soon. Enscape might end up using the existing libraries such as Chaos Cosmos and Vray Materials.

    The development cycle might also improve, so hopefully we can see some critical features being added in the near future (although unlikely if Enscape does not pursue the standalone path).

    Thanks Demian.

    This is very interesting. Feels like a move to go head to head with Nvidia/Metaverse and Unreal Engine.

    Looks like Chaos is pulling a classic Corporate move, first Corona Render in 2017, now Enscape. I guess if you can't beat them, buy them.

    Can we expect cross-platform support under the same Chaos Ecosystem, or is there still a NDA active at the moment.

    I just got the email as well from Chaos Group.

    My guess, Chaos bought out Enscape to cover their lackluster realtime workflows (Vantage etc).

    They mentioned Enscape becoming part of the Chaos Ecosystem, which might mean cross platform support i.e. Vray Materials, Chaos Cosmos Assets.

    There might also be some updates to the core render engine, not sure if Chaos is looking to replace their current realtime platform with Enscape while maintaining static renders to Vray.

    I did not see this one coming...

    Hi There,

    I seem to be running into the issue where any changes to the model in AC24 is not being pushed to the Enscape model, unless I use the update scene option. Latest version of everything.

    Has this been changed or is it something not working on my end.

    Pretty annoying since the view and time of day all changes when i update scene.


    It's difficult with some materials and lighting conditions. I don't think Enscape has a denoiser and it doesn't do extensive light bounce calculations like other softwares, hence its rendering output speed.

    The only way to minimise the effect is to fine tune the material roughness and scene lighting. Also reducing the normal/displacement map values help as well.

    I don't want to sound rude and admire the work of changing the UI. But I wonder, are there any functions, other than UI, planned for a big release like 3.0? Hoping for more animation of some sort or other much requested features by the community.

    The current roadmap only includes UI and quality of life changes. Hopefully they can expand on it with the major 3,0 release.

    I think they need to add additional settings to allow more samples per pixel and passes. At this stage, only options to to adjust the scene lighting, which is probably not ideal especially when trying to showcase certain materials/objects.

    This often happens when the scene lighting isn't strong enough and or due to the roughness of the material.

    Reflective surfaces seems to suffer the most. No real workaround apart from adjusting the materials and or making them slightly emissive.

    It is as known 'limitation' and they are working on resolving it.


    Yes, I have been using Archivision for a while now, but like you said, the cost of their subsciption is quite high for smaller offices that isn't solely focussed on rendering.

    I think Enscape could potentially partner with SpeedTree, similar to Lumion especially with their new HD plant/tree additions which looks absolutely fantastic, despite Lumion not having RayTracing.

    As far as grass is concerned, again it would potentially work with established systems like Scatter etc to have built in proxy grass. This can expand further by having custom grass settings, i.e. grass colour variation, thickness control, types of grass etc.

    Hi Enscape Team,

    I am sure this has been voted on in the past, but the landscaping library that comes with Enscape feels quite limited. Especially compared to Lumion, which has really good and high quality plants, as well as their realistic 3D grass options.

    It's always a struggle to get good quality plants/trees in any software. Sure there is laubwerks and a few other plugins for max and sketchup, but it would be really good if the landscape library can be updated with new HD/raytraced assets. Not sure if this means the adoption of SpeedTree, which seems to be the industry standard.

    A new grass implementation would also be amazing, no matter how you look at it, the grass in Enscape always looks plastic and flat.

    Thanks for all you hardwork! :)