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    Hi everyone.

    This is Enric Marquès, one of the lead developers of VisualARQ.

    VisualARQ seems to have problems with real-time renders, like Enscape, Octane, V-Ray Interactive, and even Rhino Raytraced display mode. AFAIK, there are two issues:

    1. Wrong materials: VisualARQ objects contains several meshes, with different UV mappings and materials. Rhino SDK allows plug-ins to query the object meshes, with its correct UV texture coordinates applied, but materials for each mesh cannot be queried, so all meshes will be rendered using the object render material. Then, Rhino provides another SDK, called RDK (Render Development Kit), to query not only the meshes (with their UV mapping) but also the materials for each mesh. I guess that some of the real-time renders do not use RDK.
    2. Wrong texture coordinates: The second reason is that VisualARQ objects are Rhino blocks (with asteroids). If a plug-in sees a VisualARQ object as a simple block, it will just render the objects that are inside the block. As VisualARQ objects share geometry between several instances (for example, two columns with the same profile, will use the same block definition), objects inside the block do not have correct UV texture coordinates. Only the meshes provided but the VisualARQ object (the column) have correct UV mapping. Renders should get meshes for the VisualARQ object using RDK, and if RDK is providing meshes for the block, then do not try to render the block contents.

    If you explode all VisualARQ objects before updating the model in Enscape, it should be rendered correctly.

    I've already talked to Enscape regarding this issue. They told me there is a bug in Rhino that is the reason of the issues between VisualARQ and Enscape. It seems McNeel will fix this issue in Rhino 7.

    We're open to make changes in VisualARQ if those changes will fix the issues between Enscape and VisualARQ.