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    In WSC the mapping is globally defined in the material ( e.g. a brick texture could be is 1m X 1m), which would be super nice to have, since the material would always scale correctly without the necessitie to map every object individually. I have tried to wish for something like this (correct viewport representation, octane actually supports it...) in the rhino group in conjunction with octane, but I am not sure everybody really understood the concept... It would make our lives so much easier... this manual assigning of box mapping to every new object is so cumbersome and unnecessary ...

    Hi Demian,

    not working... downloaded the 64 bit version -> does not install (see pic...) -> the protocol data says that I already have a newer version installed, therefore it won't install.

    I have to mention that I am running the latest Windows professional 64 bit Version with every service update, the two exe files used to run on this machine... If I am generating an exe file with the current version it works... this is odd...

    >>> OK, never mind, It seems to work again.... maybe the machine did some updates in the background and needed a reboot... strange anyway...<<<

    look here:

    imagine something like this in the enscape engine in VR ! It does not have to be this nice to begin with but just give us the possibility to have

    1. optical recognizable clickable points / markers attached to objects or if this is easier a optical indicator based on material (we could then simply build the markers in Rhino and assign the specific material which would represent a certain text.

    2. upon clicking on it , display a nice pop up dialogue window with the user defined test.

    Is it so hard to implement?

    Would really add a new dimension of usage -> interactive display of Information for certain parts of the model to enscape.

    Especially for VR this is an important fact since right now you can "only" go around and look at things (which is of course already a very big thing...) but the implementation of getting additional object based information would open another field to sell this kind of presentation. I say It has the potential to be a game changer for VR.


    Herbo: What COULD be usefull though, would be the ability to relocate all linked models into a new folder, and update the links to the new location. This way it would be MUCH easier to keep a whole project organized, and it would be easy to send all necessary files to others :)

    I agree 100% ! This would be great for sharing and archiving . Ideally this feature might be part of a asset management system where the user would be able to see the location of textures or external references on the computer / network , identify broken links, re-link elements or archive the whole scene with all involved elements into one project folder.

    there is another tread about this here :

    Texture file locations



    I just discovered the new BIM feature in the last release...

    IMHO it has a lot of potential in different settings not related to BIM...

    Currently I would love to explore the possibility to use this feature in client presentations to access certain information about a building. Ideally to make it easier for the client or anyone using the finished scene, we should be able to define which objects in the file are clickable or not clickable to avoid a confusion due to too many selectable objects in complex scenes.

    E.G. we could attach Area related infos to defined surfaces like "Living room, EG, 30 qm " that would be really great!

    Since I normally only use Rhino to create my models i think that there is currently no possibility to define a user based text that would show up when clicking an object right?

    Since there is a possibility within Rhino to attach user defined text to an object I wonder if this could be used to tag info to an object.

    This is really a good Idea, having an asset manager would lessen these problems but to have an option to "archive" all used textures within the file would really be great. If you would edit an "archived" project these textures should be extracted to a user defined folder, so the user would be able to edit them in a 3rd party SW... when re-saving there should then be a pop up dialog asking the user to keep the archived mode (that would cause the modified textures to be packed to the project again and the folder would be deleted...) or to just save it normal which would mean the textures stay in the created folder and link to the file.

    That would be an awesome feature for sharing projects between different people, also those working at the same office but using custom mapped server addresses like "X:/textures" which very often destroys all texture links... would be even mightier in connection with an asset manager to have better control / transparency over the used textures.

    3d studio:


    Hi Damian,

    thank you for forwarding my request. It is not so much abut the space, but about not being able to do something else while the material manager window is open !!! So you are forced to close it, do whatever you have to do, then reopen it , close it again (... you get the idea...) that is basically the opposite of the comfortable situation you describe when you would have e.g. all your properties windows, material editors and so on organized on a second screen... it does not change anything since you cannot access any other window because enscape´s material editor being "on top" of everything is actively preventing this!

    Here is a video to illustrate my point, I really wonder that I am the only one who is actually finding this terrible, IMHO that is a workflow KILLER for every professional usage and 100 % unnecessary. I also have not seen this behavior with any other plugin i have used ( and I have used many...)

    Can you reproduce that?



    ... and by the way: why is the material editor always "on Top" ? while I have the material editor open, I cannot access other dialog boxes, which makes it even mare cumbersome, because it means in order to have a new material right now I have to:

    1. close the enscape material editor...

    2. open the rhino editor...

    3. create a rhino material ...

    4.reopen the enscape editor...

    5. select the new material...

    6. edit the new material...

    all these steps should be one inside enscape material editor !


    one of the annoying things right now is that in order to have a new material, one has to create it in the rhino material editor first and then edit it afterwards in the enscape material editor.

    This slows down the workflow considerably, since you often have to jump between both editors wich also consume a lot of "screen real estate".

    I would imagine it cannot be to hard to implement a way that you can create a material from within the enscape material editor.

    Please !


    Any news here?

    I am working on an a project involving object animation, i would love to use enscape but it is not working with bongo...

    Since you already have a way to syncronize Rhino - Encape views is it so hard to do to develop a mode where encape is rendering one picture for every time the rhino viewport is changing ? Did you contact the Bongo guys about this?

    The ability to use Enscape for object animation would dramatically add to the versatility / value of the SW IMHO...

    To be used in connection with Bongo, Enscape has to be able to be the "current Rhino Render" see attached pic...

    Another option might be to have a Enscape viewport mode (...wich would be an awesome addition itself...) and then use the "viewport mode" option in Bongo if this is easier to implement...


    And may I be so bold as to suggest something:

    Why don't you and the VisualArq developers get in direct contact? You are super helpful and dedicated guys on both sides.

    Going through us users as 'middlemen' just slows things down maybe. From my side, this is a show stopping bug, so I hope it gets fixed soon.

    Sincere thanks!

    I could not agree more :)