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    Hi Micha,

    yes I agree, color mapping would be another very beneficial thing to have, your are also right about the shortcomings of a computer monitor vs. the human eye, what we are facing here are classical photographic problems, which also occur in the real world when taking photos without using bracketing / HDR techniques.

    Often it is very interesting to see how professional photographers approach these problems like e.g. here:

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    The author has many more of those very educational videos on how to solve these kind of photographic challenges, which can also be applied on what we are doing here (...virtual photography)

    However, having different environmental slots with custom multipliers is a standard thing and therefore a "no-brainer" IMHO, especially since a very important part of Enscape is its VR capacities.

    I would love to have someone from the Enscape team chime in at this point ;)




    a lot of times when using a HDRI as as skybox, I find myself adjusting the brightness so that I would get a well balanced lit scene. Most of the time this will however result in a burned out sky. To compensate for that and allow more flexibility also with regards of reflections, all serious render engines have different slots for 1. Light environment, 2. Reflection Environment, 3.Refraction Environment and 4. Background Environment. I do not consider no. 3 so important but the other are without doubt.

    If this is not easy to implement short termed, then please give us at least a second slider to adjust a background / reflection multiplier.

    This is a Basic feature, especially for real time environments.




    I am currently evaluating if I could use enscape for a really big project. The problem is that I would need 2 key features to make this work:

    1. the ability for the end user (client) to change a certain texture or material of a mesh e.g. by pressing a predefined hotkey while watching the standalone exe.

    The name of the material could e.g. have specific syntax to indicate to enscape that it is changeable like e.g. WoodDark_CHANGE-A-01,Stone_CHANGE-A-02, WoodLight_Change-A-03...

    "CHANGE" would indicate that it is a user changeable Material, "A" would be the group within the changing will occur, and the number would indicate the order the cycling would take place.

    2. the possibility for the user to cycle trough pre-defined views, by hitting a defined hotkey.

    Any chance to make this possible? I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for such a feature, because I need them in a foreseeable time-frame...



    I am 100% with Micha here, I see huge potential, but certain aspects are not pro level yet, at least for "classic" rendering tasks.

    For beginners or architects who use enscape to do a "casual" visualisation it is a very cool tool already, but on a professional level you are often in situations where you have to be able to archive certain qualities e.g. reflections and refraction.

    On the other hand enscape might be the only practical solution to easily do fully immersive VR content, at least for small and sometimes mid sized projects...

    Although I have not used it for commercial projects yet, I am very curious how it will develop within the next month...



    this seems to be like a much better alternative to the matterport system...

    ( sorry I think I am capturing this thread... maybe the admin can put the latest discussion into a new one like "3d scanning and enscape?)


    very, very interesting, thank you for sharing! I just took a brief look at the Flexijet site..looks like a xbox / leica hack ;)

    did you buy one?

    I really like the outline feature of enscape, it gives us the ability to have more definition and character in our pictures, however there are often situations where I would like to be able to turn of the lines e.g. for vegetation , grass and alike (se pic...). Since I also like the approach of giving materials name additions like glass or grass to give them certain characteristics, how about a "NoLine" tag to suppress lines on a material base?

    would be a nice feature IMHO