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    Hi am i the only one who doesnt understand the videoeditor realy?

    I workd with 3ds max, Blender, Afereffects, Davinci Resolve, Maya

    there everywhere the animationconcept used to move cameras is very easy. But this concept here seems to be so much oversimplified, i dont get it.

    Where in time in the animation am i ? Where do the keyframes get produced?

    So what i would expect. a simple timeline that can be zoomed and paned. a Slider to indicate my point in time. option to slide my slider on the timeline and to movve to that moment in the sceene accordingly. option to move to that time my cam to produce at that time automaticaly my keyframe.. after this option to slide the keyframe on the timeline to change the timing..

    here i just dont know what happens, and where i am.. and why at which time a keyframe gets produced.

    i think the wish to make it better as in dozens of other animation processes did kill the intuitivity in this case.. so does there exist any real tutorial on this? in the encape section i only see very fast mini videos, i cant follow ;(

    Hi everyone.

    In my company, colleges often Struggel with -Re rendering- of viewpoints.

    in 3ds Max for example, you can turn on our "Save Frame", wich shows you exactly, which part of your viewport will get renderd when you press the renderbutton.. Now Enscape somehow tries to do this by taking the resolution from your viewport.. but it doesnt do this exactly which is anoying.

    Is there any way to exactly get the rendering of what you see in your Sketchup window? even better.. when you resize your Revit window , this would change.. so i would like to have a save frame like in 3ds max in my viewport, so i can exactly see which part in my viewport using the actual Rendersettings i will render.. ( well when switching to 2 point.. this wouldnt work also anymore. right) So what is the best workflow here.

    I think this is a very very important feature, because architects often have to reproduce renderings in the exact Poiint of view. in a later step of their architectural devellopment.

    Yeah... a collegue informed e about this lack of mapping options... This is essential as long as you have to map our materials.. a total must have. So they now refused of using enscape for this

    has this changed in 2.9 for Rhino now?

    Hi everyone.

    in my company several collegues have encountered the problem, that they cant change the date of time anymore using Shift + rmb.

    So the sun still moves, clouds also, but the sun only goes up and down and doesnt any mor move around the sky.

    Is there any idea, why this could happen?

    What i would want to have is a asset Paint brush ore even much more advanced a Scattering tool..

    Who wants to know whats possible should look at the the Forest pack options ...

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    well i know for Enscape that a bit to much thinking of realtime..

    so i vote for scattering and painting..

    Well Dear Enscape Team..

    I Work for one of the biggest Architectural Companys in Germany with about 500 employees.

    I tested and distributed for the IT Department (I was formar part of the Renderings Department, so i know Rendering Processes) in China.

    So we are just about to involve Enscap into our presentation workflows , also introducing VR elements, when needed.

    But we did run into restrictions.

    We have a Department as well in Peking as we have in Chenszhen and in Shanghai. All Three Departments now noticed Problems using the Enscape libary, so you might try to find a new workflow for them.

    China as you might know restricts the acces to many parts of the internet, so for example google doesnt get easy access to china and you are not able to use for example google maps or youtube in China.

    We encountered a comparable Problem using your enscape libarys. The asset doesnt seem to get loaded after you drag and drop contend into a sketchup or a rhino scene..

    Is this a known probem? Seems to be a Problem coming from a hosted google server ? If you dont know this i could feed in some more detailled information from our network specialists here, that where forced to configure something inside of Sketchup and Rhino, to overcome the internet Issue.

    greetings from Hamburg