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    Being a Graphics programmer Z fighting much of the time is not two planes exactly in the same place. The depth settings be it Opengl DirectX etc whatever is the culprit normally. The other is bad modeling or placement. Having access to the Z depth (Far) setting and distance along with the near setting would eliminate the problem I am having. This should be extremely easy to implement to tell you the truth.

    A simple description of how perspective projection works is say your scene is a small house then the far can be a small value thus when the planes are extremely close together they will not flicker as the math has enough space to delineate the distance, However, the clip plane will be much closer or the far items would have serious issues. Vice versa. A large scene needs a great far distance so close objects have less discernment to work with and their depth fights back and forth causing flickeing on who is in front. This can be alleviated to some extend with the near clip being farther away but items will clip out when they get close. At least that is a simple explanation of the perspective matrix and how it works clipping to screen space.

    Can we have those near and far values exposed? I would love that.

    Are there any plans for this? This would be huge. An upload to youtube and clients could pause anywhere and look where THEY want to not the creator.

    This feature is a great selling point and as a programmer also should fit into the already existing video capture suite. (Unless it is a closed library not written by chaos of course.) Simply encode to the correct resolution inject the youtube meta data and save. It would add quite a bit of exposure I would think for this project.