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    Any chance collaboration mode will work with the Web standalone? Something we can upload to collect client feedback would be spectacular.

    Hey rifkin,

    yes, we are planning to do that in some kind. But not for 2.8.

    It will probably not have the same functionality as within Enscape but it would at least be creating issues and importing them to Enscape I guess.

    But there is no explicit definition nor estimation so far.

    Hi Nuge,

    as our internal roadmap is changing on a weekly basis, we decided that it would be less disappointing for you guys if we just showed you what will included in the next release.

    As soon as 2.7 is released, we will update our homepage with the new information for 2.8 and also start a new thread here.

    The Trello board did not server our internal needs for roadmap planning. And it also wasn't optimal for voting and discussion purpose. That's why we moved the voting to another tool.

    Thanks for the Input, Pieter!

    We will have another look at it and collect some more feedback to evaluate some more adjustments of the feature.

    But as the feature development for 2.7 is close to be done, this will be the way it will work in the next version.

    We hope that even if you are not satisfied with the way we implemented it, you still get value from the feature.