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    I'm looking some problem with background exposure and background GI. It should be better to disconnect these two parameters into 2 different bars.

    When I try to improve light into a shadowed area (in a external scene) using exposure bar, the lighted part of the scene (and background too) go burned.

    I see that the better choice is use background normalize bar, it's improve G.I. but over a limit the background go burned....

    These examples to show the problem:

    External with AE = 50% show correct illumination

    Inside rooms are too dark without change AE:

    When I set AE about 75/80% inside are ok, but external show like this:

    Now, when I export a exe, my customers can't change AE, please check this problem.

    In complex scene I found these issues:

    Sometimes some objects appear black (like a black mirror), modify material don't change the situation

    Sometimes some objects disappears without do anything.

    Sometimes materials don't upgrade/refresh

    Solution (and not always work) : restart ES

    Are you never think to improve auto exposure bar with a MIN-MAX value range instead single value?

    I all my projects, when you walk inside a house with rooms differently lighted, or when you walk out the house from inside, I found always ambient or too much dark or too many lighted despite Auto-Exposure is on. An Idea maybe be to can regulate the min-max range value of the auto-exposure, not the single value like now. It can avoid a better result in exe project for my customers.

    Can I do this procedure all time? The deactivation/re-activation is in real time?

    I lost my license code, how can I get it again?


    WHen I buy a single license seat, it's possible to use Enscape in more than a one machine but obviously not in the same time?

    Example: In my office I have a license for work, and when I go back in my home, at evening, it's possible to disable temporanealy the office license and use it in my home laptop to continue work?

    Simply doing a long rectangle to simulate a led strip.. When I came near it's glow and the wall are lighted, when i go away the light seems to turn off...


    sometimes I have problem with emissive materials:

    sometimes when I apply it, the object glow and its' G.I. disappear when I go away from it (just few meters)

    sometimes objects don't glow and don't emitt any G.I., it appear only lighted, but nothing other.

    Solutions for both problems: copy and paste another object that work correctly and modify it ...


    After 2 weeks of a full immersion trying, I need to explain my dubt about visual quality in 3d walk-throught.

    In interior scenes (expecially in scenes illuminated by artificial lights or emissive lights ) all works at 60 fps in ultra detail, it's very nice this, but visual quality is good only when you stop walking and stop move mouse, and it takes about 2/3 seconds to generate the "final render" (I have a 8GB gtx 1060, render frame about 2000x1000, not a Titan, but not even a poor card)

    The problem is that the still "final render" is not what a 3d real time walk-thruough want, expecially when this walking experience is full of "disco ball" light points and poor shadows and reflections always in "rendering progress"

    When I think a full 3d walk-through, I should (and my costumers should too) to see a real-time perfect shaders, shadows, lights perhaps with a non-perfect GI quality. In Enscape I can't reach this result, and in still image I can't reach a superlative render (like a vray render engine). Other real time engine (Unreal/Unity) thanks to baked lights can do a perfect experience, and perfect GI too ( at the expense of a small sacrifice of baking calculation time).

    Enscape should have an option like this, obviously freezing objects / lights / suns by taking advantage of image quality and especially performance on mediocre systems.