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    Deleted a ton of geometry and removed some very heavy textures, purged model and was able to get the output to work, but definitely had to remove way more information than I would have expected to in order to get a file that would open. Going to try and revert to last official release and see if this allows full export.

    Our interior design firm has been sharing updates with an architect we partner with via .exe files in enscape and dwg exports from sketchup, and all has been going swimmingly until my last update to this home. File is fairly detailed (900MB SU file) the resulting enscape .exe is 1.91GB. I was able to open/run the exe files at 1.73GB output. Did I reach the end of the line for enscape executables?

    Happy to share my SU file, or executable if needed.

    Enscape version 3.5 14+99672 - tested output of a smaller file on this version of enscape and all worked. Please advise

    I do not know when this behavior happened, and whether it is related to the latest preview version of Enscape, or the model size itself. It is relatively large. (but not the largest model I've used in Enscape by any means).

    890mb sketchup file

    5,922,408 faces

    4721 groups

    1626 Component definitions

    854 Materials

    This does not include the geometry that is in Proxy models, or enscape assets.

    I had a project in Sketchup (Enscape 3.5.0 preview 12+97341) recently begin to throw IES profiles to the right (if you are facing the red axis, so front view) of components the spot light is housed in, or if in the model alone and not contained inside a group or component, to the right of the global axis of the model. No movement of the light would change the location it pointed if an IES profile was linked. Without any IES profiles, the object behaved as expected. See the two examples of 60 degree spots versus the examples where an IES profile was applied. I used two different profiles in this example (and tried 6 or so that I regularly use) and the profile consistently pointed in the same direction regardless of how the light was focused.

    Thanks Demian,

    Totally aware of the custom resolution settings in the output section, and I agree it's a vaild work around. I have completely avoided doing that specifically so I could keep from having to do a ton of manual settings, but in the end, it's probably worth the extra time in that department until something fast comes along.

    I am really enjoying having sun control outside of my 3D modeling environment in the Enscape scenes, thank you for that add, as well as camera position readouts.

    It would be really cool if a "Roll" parameter could be added to the camera orientation, since not every shot wants to be in landscape, sometimes you just need a portrait image. Sure, we can render out our stills in landscape and crop down, but that really loses a ton of pixel density for the final image if it is zoomed to the same level as full landscape images. Also, might be cool to do some videos in portrait mode, just to simulate what most people do with their phones and take portrait style video instead of landscape. You could argue that landscape is always better, but if I were to share a video I rendered to a social site, usually the ideal format is portrait.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or not, but I'm having an issue with a sketchup model that is correctly geolocated having proper time of day shadows in enscape. It is staying dark until afternoon in my enscape viewer. Sun shows and shadows are correct in SU model. Not sure if this is just an issue with preview version 3.4.0 3+79053 or if there is something else going on. This issue only exists on my desktop machine, and not on my laptop, and I don't think I downloaded preview on that machine, but will check later to confirm.

    Thats an effective work around Penzluk and Bas.Lab, however seems pretty labor intensive if you have to change any wall materials under your edits. I'd want to quit my job the second time someone asked can we see a different brick option. A true decal wouldn't care what the texture under it is, and would allow for quick changes of materials globally without opening 10-30 photoshop files

    So, just trying to clarify. The current suggestions are:

    • Enable removal of "Enscape" from name sequence
    • Enable removal of Timestamp from name sequence
    • Allow names to follow viewport names
    • Allow Option for Custom prefix (Project name, Client name, etc)

    Am I missing anything? And is it correct that and that the goal is V3.3 or v3.4? Excited to be able to make use of batch function.

    I organize all of my scenes in sketchup across my screen in a manner that makes sense for locations I want to see, but not all of them are necessarily in alphabetical order (the only way I can figure out that Enscape will handle order of views in the view management tab). I prefer to navigate my viewports in SU natively over in the enscape preview window, both for the purpose of having them arranged as I prefer, and it feels better to me to have an entirely clean render window, without the view management tab taking up all of that real estate.

    So, the feature request would be that if someone selects a "scene" or viewport in Native SU with the synchronize views button enabled, it would be great to have not only the enscape view change, but the associated linked settings follow as well.

    If there is already a setting that makes this happen, I'd love to hear about it.:sketchup:

    No problem! At least for now weather, in general, is not on our agenda in the near future - but, as always I have gladly forwarded your upvote to the topic.

    Can you add another upvote for weather effects? Our clients live in their homes both during the beautiful summer months, and also in the dead of winter. I would say that changing in leaves in the fall is also a big sell. I think twinmotion does a great job of this, but also realize that there is something really great about having the proxies for the render engine actually live in the 3D model. If you could pull off the model connectivity you already have, plus assets that not only respond to wind but season, you'd be the coolest on the block.

    Demian Gutberlet

    I tried to fill in more gray, it did not help. It also filled the inside out. It only helped when I filled it with black.
    I even tried to put another parentator, it also glows.
    I filled the radiator cavities with a rectangle and the glow disappears. But this is a bad solution to the problem.

    @joshtays thanks for the advice, but have not solved the problem yet.

    Same thing. Any larger objects That I couldn't hide the glow from, a black solid object in the voids did the trick for a handful of models I have been working on.

    jan1 I can't speak for Yana on this one, but, yes the glowing for no reason, is truly without reason. No self illuminating materials.

    I've been having the same issues with some objects as well. Sometimes it seems that if there is any geometry with default material applied (including back faces that aren't entirely enclosed in a solid) there will be a good in the room. Definitely happens from time to time with white, or near white objects as well. Didn't notice this in earlier versions of Enscape.