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    It is kind of dumb, but you can still have a very fast workflow with it. Most of my projects have 120-200 scenes and every scene has a correlating visual setting with the same name as the scene. It has been fairly easy to come up with a naming scheme for scenes that utilizes numbers and letters so that I can very easily template my SU files to have all of the scenes I want, and populate those to enscape as well. Only have to set up the views once, then I can re-render over and over for as many iterations of the project are necessary. The templated SU viewports go into Layout super easy as well to ensure that CD's a fast and consistent.

    I would love to see an option where a component can be selected to not cast shadows, or at minimum, not effect the light of any particular source, like if you had an IES spotlight, you could bypass any component from affecting the dispersion. Example below is a Tech Lighting/Visual comfort fixture that has an IES file which behaves exactly how their fixture would, however, if you have an actual model of the fixture in the scene, the resulting light pattern is horribly wrong, because the geometry of the fixture interferes with the IES file.

    You could create three different visual presets, and assign those presets to your scenes, then any time you chose a scene with your prefered projection mode, you will get what you expect to see. Just make sure that if you are in link view with your 3D client, that the projection view matches in that software per scene.

    I have a couple of materials that have riverbed in the name because that is part of the product name. Enscape changes them automatically to a water texture, which I don't love, but is fine. If I change the material to generic, it will remove the albedo from both the Enscape material browser as well as the native SU material. Screenshots included.

    I sent out a feedback report on this as well, but in case anyone else has this problem, maybe it can be easier to find the solution here when it comes.

    Exporting scenes to V-Ray causes Sketchup to crash. Doesn't matter if the file is relatively large with a ton of scenes, or relatively tiny with very few scenes.


    Enscape 3.5.5+122071

    RTX 3070 Studio Drivers 546.01

    98Gb Ram

    Definitely not a directory problem. Might be specifically an issue with Enscape for Sketchup, but still weird, because I don't have the issue with SU on my laptop.

    Was able to save an exe from a sketchup linked enscape session, then that exe file was able to render a still image directly to the library/photos directory that linked enscape wasn't able to open, even in this very tiny test file.

    Screen grab and rendered image from .exe attached.

    Rolled back to older version of NVIDIA studio. Still getting this error. Maybe a dropbox thing? Anyone at Enscape see this before?

    I wondered if the Library/Photos directory is an issue on this machine for some reason, I can't really think of a good one, but I need to fix this problem as quickly as possible. Is there a way to change the default folder to save still images to, before saving the first image? I'd really like to try something like that to be able to narrow things down in my troubleshooting.

    When I attempt to render a still image on my main PC, the save as window pops up, but is greyed out and says working on it... Enscape hangs on this window at least ten minutes. I haven't tried longer, but we're a long way from real time if that's how long it takes to get to naming the save as :D.

    I do not have this issue on my laptop. It does have older NVIDIA drivers though. That's the last thing I have to try is rolling back the studio drivers. I have not tried exporting to .exe, or video, so not sure if that works or not.

    Anyone else experience this?

    SU 22, Latest version of preview, but issue persists on roll backs, Latest drivers for NVIDIA and ASUS/Intel installed. 12th gen i7 Win 11 Pro 22621.1778


    Deleted a ton of geometry and removed some very heavy textures, purged model and was able to get the output to work, but definitely had to remove way more information than I would have expected to in order to get a file that would open. Going to try and revert to last official release and see if this allows full export.

    Our interior design firm has been sharing updates with an architect we partner with via .exe files in enscape and dwg exports from sketchup, and all has been going swimmingly until my last update to this home. File is fairly detailed (900MB SU file) the resulting enscape .exe is 1.91GB. I was able to open/run the exe files at 1.73GB output. Did I reach the end of the line for enscape executables?

    Happy to share my SU file, or executable if needed.

    Enscape version 3.5 14+99672 - tested output of a smaller file on this version of enscape and all worked. Please advise

    I do not know when this behavior happened, and whether it is related to the latest preview version of Enscape, or the model size itself. It is relatively large. (but not the largest model I've used in Enscape by any means).

    890mb sketchup file

    5,922,408 faces

    4721 groups

    1626 Component definitions

    854 Materials

    This does not include the geometry that is in Proxy models, or enscape assets.