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    Hi, I clicked the wrong button! ;(

    I was supposed to order an extra license for my company and got baited with that big "new key" button on top. I tried canceling my mistake right away but subscription will end in one year and we got the bill for it. I have added the correct place the one extra license that we needed but I hope that you could fix my mistake and remove the cost of the wrong order from the bill we got and the profile. I have also contacted support but it mentioned the long list of cases and extended waiting time, words that make me panic right now 8|

    Case number :




    I think I posted already, but a material library that could be share between different applications would be awesome!!

    Our company uses many software with Enscape, and we exchange assets between apps too so it is kind of logical that we could transfer from schematic design in Sketchup or Rhino to REVIT and keep those models with Enscape materials.

    This could even generate a repository website were people could share their best materials with the community.

    :thumbup: what he said! This is the future. By creating communities around a product you gain more popularity and more innovation which than amplifies itself. By making an option of interusable material source that work the same on any platform would atract so many users and put Enscape ahead of the rest. Like it is not already ;)

    So again, I would like to point out that Enscape is extremely cool and powerful tool that is greatly appreciated. As a Revit user I was working with 3Ds max and Vray as an addition and render solution. Even thou more powerful then Enscape this max-vray solution is way more time consuming and more complicated than staying in Revit and illustrating with Enscape. One thing that I have noticed is that Sketchup Enscape is getting more powerful and with more options that Revit version. This has probably something to do with Revit being a massive dinosaur that is as great to work with as an architect, but it lacks the lightness and finess for concept and illustrations. This is probably a tread for Revit forum but is it just me or are there other jelly or frustrated Revit users out there?

    Have you seen the amount of bad examples of Revit-Enscape renderings and scenes, ugh.

    - Model handling

    - Material options and interface

    - or even number of Revit/SketchUp Enscape tutorials on YouTube

    1. What is the desired/expected behavior? Revit not crashing.
    2. Which Enscape version do you use? 2.7.2+23714
    3. Which host application do you use and which version? Revit 2020.2
    4. What are the steps to reproduce the issue? Working with Enscape in Revit is just fine but when I close Enscape Revit crashes every time.
    5. Can you provide an example file or at least an image where we can observe what's happening?

    System using.

    Nice, finally a decent Revit interior. I have two questions, your shaggy rug. How did you make it or where can I get it? And your fabrics, external imports? What material did you use on your white curtains? Could you please share it or settings for it?

    Working on a model of my flat and im somewhat stuck. Anybody got some experience with curtains or fabrics with transparency in Revit Enscape? Some good settings to use? Right now I am sliding my material all over the place but the results are poor. Soft and indirect light gives almost self-illumination on the material while direct light gives nice passing of the light but everything in the shade gets a bluish hue. Very unnatural results no matter what. I have added some screenshots (current settings also).

    hehe allot of great work and effort in enscape but listen to what he said ^^ that is what most of us are really thinking. Quality over quantity :thumbup:

    I wish Revit had this much flexebility in modelling, maping and texturing...well everything. Rendreings are great but creativity is even grater! Nice work. :thumbsup:

    I have an issue where Enscape 2.7.0 is not beeing loaded in to Revit 2020 at all? It is not in my window menu any more.......i fixed it by using manual install and had to chose to install for all users on server. Manually pick Revit version.